July 1, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Is The Illuminati Ready To Get Rid Of T.I?

    1. I notice that he’s very cozy and comfortable with those politicians when he does those press conferences. Let alone his contributions to the community

  1. It just blows my mind with all the stuff the ppl saying about them…how Tiny handles T.I. during their 3somes..how she’s the leader doing coke and telling him what to do…then shekinah & tiny have sex with Tip friends in other rooms…man this is a lot

  2. The streets talked about this a long time but my only issue is the messenger. She is a scam artist amongst many many other things. I jus wish the messenger would have been someone without a dirty past who pretends to be holly. She is messing up the truth valilidty for some.

  3. Can we get a story on Pimp C?? Or have you already done one?

    And I’m not shock…all this shit is a mess

  4. Sorry, TI isn’t the route to becoming Atlanta’s Mayor. That’s a whole different route to get there. She’s been a judge and part of the city council and most importantly – the blessing of the old guard of Atlanta. The reason she calls on TI & Killer Mike for things is to keep the young & black vote. She & previous mayor (Kasim Reed) won by slim margins to the crypt keeper (Mary Norwood) in their first races. Mary had a LOT of older blacks supporting her like former mayor Shirley Franklin, as Keisha was seen as a Kasim-surrogate. But the old guard (Andrew Young) was for Keisha but that might not be enough for her to repeat. So a TI controversy could be a way to remove him from the mayor’s committee on whatever or if she stays with him, lessens her chances to be a 2-term mayor.

  5. IDK but do not forget there was a big change in Cliffy when the singer from Cr33d? ” fell ” from a hotel balcony and good ol Cliff just happened to be there , I believe that was when he got his big shot with the elites ( big thangs poppin LMAO ) and now he lost his moms and sister , and IDK but his father in law RIP was an original boule ( with Porsche dad ? ) and doo wop music pioneer so maybe Tamika was his entry into ATL boule circles , what about the whole mysterious Bankroll RIP situation ? Didnt his daughter date dude who facing murder charges now ? An entire mess dont forget Home Run Hank RIP was the 1st black Benz BMW dealership owner ( $$$ ) in ATL and the longest tenured to this day 40+ years SMDH !

  6. Sorry I’m from Atlanta, I do not believe that Kesha has been with them. Now I do believe that she was trying to align herself with popular vote and who’s who of Atlanta Black elite. Tip just happened to have the ears of the streets and young Atlanta that is why he was tapped. He is well loved in Atlanta and yes everybody know how they get down but he was thug that made it out and still do for his community so all that extra stuff he be talking about Atlanta don’t care but for the Mayor no follow who her husband is. Sabrina put them on blast because he made a comment about another politician who happens to be her friend and the lady is planning to run for Mayor so what better way of getting Kesha out by coming for her cabinet. Sabrina was robbed in 2020 I believe and just being honest it was a lot going on in Atlanta but her and Alexis sky weren’t the only ones that was robbed basically Sabrina didn’t get the attention she wanted on her story from the mayor. But her friend who is trying to run for Mayor did give her some attention and a few promises so tip insulted the candidate and Sabrina came for him

  7. I was a big fan of T.I when he first came out. When that T.I vs TIP album came out, something about him during that time made me stop listening to him. He seem too narcissist and full of his self. I remember when Tiny and Toya had that show on BET. He was about to go to jail. He didn’t want to be filmed and was pissed off at Tiny because Tiny was going to go out with Toya and other friends and he was making her stay home or come home early and behind the scenes getting into argument. He didn’t want her to go or do anything. So when the Family hustle show came out and he made it seem like he was husband/father of the year, I thought he was full of shit.

  8. Oh no! I really hope Keisha Lance Bottoms isn’t in on this. I know this can get evil, dark, and twisted, I just hope she isn’t one of the pawns.

    So I am guessing they(Elites) set it up to take out Pimp C…smh. Dude always kept it a buck. At least he went out without selling out.

  9. I believe he tried to offer up his daughter to the Elites when he told the world she was still a virgin. Out of nowhere it seems she started posting cryptic messages on social media. Something is very weird about this while situation.

  10. I can’t imagine any elites giving a damn about ti and tiny. They are very small fish. I thought they really only got involved when u started making big bucks? I don’t think anyone anywhere gives a damn and he let tiny take that drug charge so where’s the protection when ur girl has to do get in trouble. Tiny is who protected his ass – she must be the elites lol

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