July 1, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Ray-J

    1. You can say that again. Because this was a lot to take in. Part two must consist of a bombshell of information.

  1. So is that how usher for herpes Pamela anderson? Or does she have hep c? Her hotnin the test ass has some kind of disease 🤣

    1. That was the apparent rumor.
      I’ve also heard he is Hollywood’s little drug dealer…. he and Nick Cannon. I just can’t recall where I read that info some time ago.

      1. G did a post about Whitney’s relationship with the elite Ray was def in the mix with her. Especially that weekend, Grammy weekend.

  2. I hope Kim’s sex game has gotten better since that tape, cause sis was wack. I think Ray got tired of being called “Brandy’s brother.” He started doing anything he could to become a name on his on.

  3. I seen the sex tape Ray J has a big peen and look like he know how to swang it.. Kim k just laid there and didn’t throw it back.. I remember that one song saying “you ain’t no thug, you brandy brother” 😆

  4. Ray j. Been around alot of mess when shit go down. Remember that white chic that had that incident in Chris Browns house in which she called police….Who was there RayJ

  5. Ray j got some kills under his belt don’t he? 😅 they call him & bow corny but they secretly giving it up behind closed doors.

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