May 16, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes T.I and Tiny Have Paid at Least 4 women to keep quiet

  1. Yooo this too much. I know they have been having threesomes together for years with other chicks but drugging women smh and Tiny should be ashamed to be sticking up for this man. Are Tiny and Toya no longer friends

  2. None of this is surprising to me, as I’ve heard stories about them for years. Now the drugging will definitely damage his reputation with Mayor Bottoms (and likely her in her upcoming reelection campaign). Sits back and waits for more.

  3. I remember years ago my aunts friend was an assistant to one of them and they sent her to get condoms for them and when she went to give them the condoms they tried to get her to join them. Not too sure how true the story is but I remember her telling me this a looooooong time ago

  4. Wonder how people will react to this given they are the ones actually doing these things rather than being associated with someone like this and getting dragged all through the mud like someone else we talk about. Very interesting to see how this will go.

  5. Oh wowwwww….I mean, I have long heard about 3 somes. But drugging and assaulting…that’s on a WHOLE different level and one that I am not even going to make light of. I have always loved Tiny and thought she just rolled with T.I., trying to keep him…but if she actively participated in this Me Too behavior…then she and TIP both need to be investigated and prosecuted for their actions. Period.

  6. That’s sick!! Like they both need to be in jail. You don’t drug ppl to get them to have a 3some with you that’s rape smfh

  7. This is terrible! It’s one thing for three consenting adults to agree to a threesome. It’s another thing to drug someone a person to force them to have a threesome. Is this why Kandi was accused of drugging people on RHOA, G? Like guilt by association?

    1. Yup and I always believe Kandi did that shit.
      Nobody can’t tell me they didn’t sacrifice Todd Mom.
      I never liked the way T.I interacted with his daughters.

  8. This just bad and sad at the same time. Everybody knows they love theesomes. By drugging people so you can have sex with them is rape. I believe this is true because remember when you say that no one won’t to sleep with Tiny so Ti had to pay people to sleep with them. Some people think Tiny is ugly. I think tiny is cute. This is a mess. CV 19 been exposing people a lot.

  9. The threesomes aren’t new. But drugging and I am also seeing bringing in under aged girls for threesomes, is a whole new ball game. It isn’t looking good for these two.

  10. Hey y’all I’m back….Whew this is tew much, they dirt is coming to light FINALLY. Also G miss ya girl and my boo Hev….What about Tocarra from Tyra Bank Top Model show 🤔

  11. There was a blind item about this about a year ago and they tried to say it was Toni B. and the Bird. That never made sense to me but now we know the truth.

  12. Wow this story blew up!! Notice that ShadeRoom hasn’t said a thing…wonder how much they got paid?

    I’m not surprised about the threesomes. I know someone who’s a stripper and I remember her telling me that she messed around with TI but she definitely didn’t smash Tiny. This was a loooooooooong time ago. I never knock how folks get down, but the drugging and all that…the ghetto!!!

    Maybe they should’ve had their folks sign NDAs like Kandi said she and her husband do on the last episode of RHOA..

  13. This is disgusting and I feel bad for their children especially their adorable daughter Heiress who will probably reap the karma they bestowed upon them. You have children and just became grandparents and you partaking in such nonsense. These celebs are such lost souls.. yuck

  14. I stopped liking TI years ago! He’s a fake woke disgusting human being. If I were his daughters I would distance myself from him as much as possible.

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