July 6, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/26/2021

  1. Geez that was a lot only thing I was confused about was the tiny ti thing is that old ? And who he pulled the gun on the jump off or the good fren

  2. Dani so pressed over Dababy dark skin baby momma and she let it affect her career. She always been a thirsty try hard anyway, she getting exactly what she deserve.

  3. We waiting on the rest of the tea about the mom and kids killed by husband!!! Come on & finish it Gee 🙁

  4. We all know how T I get down. But Sabrina has a agenda of her own. She waited all this time to spill the beans on this. She using them for clout regardless if true. She trying to get under Keisha Bottoms skin thats all. Her name stay in mess, which is why people are side eyeing the situation.

    1. That’s it – she’s doing it to get under Mayor Keisha’s skin. Sabrina’s playing with a double-edged sword.

  5. Do you have any more tea on Danileigh? I’m curious wtf happened when she first hooked up with Dababy and broke up. Then he goes back to Meme and ends up with Dani again.

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