August 18, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Keyshia Cole and Ashanti Beef

  1. That verzus battle just reminded everyone how nasty keyshia Cole really is and that Ashanti has hits. I think Ashanti was very professional and she won hands down. As beautiful and talented as Keyshia Cole is, you just can’t seem like you always have a bad attitude it’s not cute and she wonders why she can’t keep a man

  2. I never liked keyshia and to me she CANNOT sing. She makes music for bitches who man doing life in prison. No thanks. Ashanti was the winner period. I mean hopefully Chink shit was all that for them to have this beef.

    1. I always thought she made music for females who had no edges and didn’t care! She can’t sing and should’ve did a versus with k Michelle, they both sound awful!

      1. For females with no edges….am I in the shade room???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 too funny!

  3. Ashanti was the winner because she showed up, had a great attitude and she was sanging her songs. KC was rude, hella late and hardly sang any of her songs, she wasn’t even hitting any notes. KC behavior was really uncalled for period.

    1. I agree Keyshia is hood to me that’s why she like Goonica cause she hood too! But I will say keyshia has always seemed to be mean. And her family is always in some shit with her

  4. THE AUDACITY of Keyshia 🤣🤣🤣. Let’s keep it a WHOLE buck. Keyshia is NOT the greatest singer either. Sis is NOT a Whitney Houston. Actually neither girl is a Whitney Houston. But they can hold their own in their little lanes lol. If you ask me which voice I prefer, I would probably say Ashanti. Now Keyshia has some bops, but Ashanti’s voice is smoother. Not to mention Ashanti has pen game. We know of a few songs Ashanti wrote that charted quite well. I haven’t heard that about Keyshia. So with all that being said, Keyshia needs to have several seats and a slice of humble pie, respectfully 🤣.

  5. Ashanti won. I don’t care I don’t care. And let’s be honest. I was PLEASANTLY surprised at Ashantis vocals. She must of been getting vocal lessons bcuz sis sounded good.

    Keisha turned me all the way off. I was pissed both was late. But Keisha had the nerve to be late and to also come in with the stinkiest attitude ever! And that night is when she should have apologized. Not days after.

    Women to Women is definitely a boop and in my rotation. This verzuz should not have happened as many times it was pushed back.

  6. Didn’t you post once about Aaliyah and Ashanti having issues over Ja Rule? Or was that Tweet she had issues with??

  7. I remember that interview with Star and Buck Wild and she dissed a few R&B chicks out at the time.

    Keyshia’s attitude sucked during the Verzuz for someone who is trying to make a comeback, which makes me wonder who told her to make that IG Video apologizing for her behavior.

    Low key Keyshia isn’t a stranger to beefing with other female R&B Singers…. Lil Mo, Michelle Williams, Fantasia, Kehlani. Her coming for Giselle ended with her being blacklisted for a time.

    Any back story as to why Mary J Blige is unsure about doing a song with her?

  8. But LETS BE CLEAR! ASHANTI CANT SING!!!! Lol you’re a LIAR if you say she can! I’m team Keyshia! Ashanti is fucking wrong and I was here for the shade.

    1. Neither one of them are power house vocalists lets be clear and be let’s honest…. but Ashanti came through with the vocals that night and she was also on time 😎… And… she also emerged as the winner..😎….

  9. Sorry but I was never and am still not an Ashanti fan. She has a couple of tracks, but she really is not the best vocalist.

    Keyshia is bae BUT her attitude sucked

  10. Didnt Chink Santana get killed a few years back? Keyshia needs to get over it and move on. Her attitude is beyond nasty, it’s ridiculous.

  11. Ashanti and Keyshia have very mediocre karaoke voice .they sound like they are talking through the sound.both can’t hold their notes and run while singing that has always been both of their problems till this day.Both need vocal training.At least Keyshia didnt aim higher than her level comparing herself to Mary J Blige cuz her voice is mediocre as well.But keyshia played herself comparing herself to Monica.Monica can sing and hold a note.Monica has an unmatched beautiful voice like Keke Wyatt trust me please their is no shade.But I definitely saw the shade keyshia threw at Ashanti. keyshia getting up and standing while she was singing
    Keyshia getting up from her seat to brush her hair while ashanti was singing.ashanti answering her phone while keyshia was singing ohhh Lord it was a mess

  12. I’m only here to say I hate when people say “underlining” issues – it’s “underlying” issues!!!! I love this blog but y’all gotta let me fix ur grammatical errors lol. Too much good tea for ppl to be reading it all messed up lol

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