August 18, 2022

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20 thoughts on “The Truth Behind How Brandy Ruined Adina Howard’s Career

  1. Wooooow!!!! I always wondered what happened with Adina. I know she made another album later that may have been independent and I read that she went to culinary school but I didn’t know this is why she disappeared. Brandy is something else, boy I tell you. Maybe the car crash she was involved in and her other short-lived relationships is her karma?

  2. Wooooow…..the 90s were CRAZY LOL!
    I remember Brandy, Aaliyah and Monica when they dropped we were all in the same age group….I was 15 when Adina came on the scene, that Freak like Me song was the summer jam. Now let me drop some “tea”. Growing up in Camden New Jersey, I lived very close to Philadelphia and that’s were Wayne/Boys to Men were from….Cherry Hill mall was the mall in South Jersey that teens used to frequent often. Well one day I’m shopping with my Mom and there was a crowd outside of the Gap but nobody was allowed inside of the Gap. Why? Guess who was in there shopping? Wayne AND Brandy ! The management closed the Gap so they could shop in private and the teens girls were all Gaga about it! They were definitely an item when she was a teen AND I can’t stand Brandy self righteous ass cause she was throwing them hips and lips but always judged her peers like she was an angel!

    Now let me be REAL…I like older guys as a teen BUT I knew where the draw the line at cause my parents were having NONE of that….so trust me, if an older, advanced woman was messing with my older man (cause I was playing dudes I dealt like a trick deck of cards, I wasn’t giving NO sugar so I already knew they had some women giving it up) I would have been like mkay BUH BYE cause 1- she grown ASF 2- she doing some thangs I ain’t doing as a teen and finally 3- I’m not approaching no grown ass woman cause if she gets dumb with me guess who going DUMMIES on her?!! MY OG aka Mom LOL

  3. Brandy is definitely one of those throw a stone and hide your hand type chicks smh who plays innocent but is really a snake. Like the pastor’s daughter that be the biggest thot in the church 🙄 but anyways Isn’t Sylvia Rhone lesbian or at least bisexual like the rest of them executives? If she getting that invested who’s to say she wasn’t licking on brandy on the side or hell getting a piece of Wayne herself smh anyway Freak Like Me is an old school I love. Plus Adina was doing a performance of the song recently still dropping it low with the knees that could give Meg Thee stallion a run for her money hahaha

  4. The 90’s was hella LIT!!! Adina has always been “take no shit ever!” She possesses a confidence that Brandy could NEVER! Brandy always acting out of her damn feelings….like girl…get over yourself🙄.. But G… can we get the whole and real stories of what happened to both Miss Jones and Truth Hurts?

  5. This was awesome G!! I often wondered why Adina just dropped out of the scene. Never knew Brandy was behind it. Adina should’ve left Wayne alone. Money before men. Now where is she?

  6. I loved this story! I met Adina Howard in the Mall of Memphis back in the day. I was 16/17 years old and she was so nice!

  7. I seen her live in south Carolina about 5yrs ago and she put on such a good show. A lot of people don’t know how good she can sing

  8. IDK I always thought Adin@ mgmt or financiers were certified d-boys and they got caught up back in the day so she couldnt advance because she didnt have her ( payola ) to keep her music in the ranking with the other major label divas ? Br@ndy had an unlimited checkbook to work with all the top producers Rodney Saddiq Timothy etc , Monic@ is her biggest rival because Dallas and Dungeon Fam were so amazingly talented and once ATL sound took over the industry Monica had a hometown advantage vs Brandy had to slide over to Timb@land when @aliyah passed . T Shirt and Panties might be more legendary of a record then Freak , so if Sylvia blocked her down over an arranged celebrity relationship then SMDH !

  9. Freak Like Me was and still my joint! I listened to all those girls tho.

    Everyone is bashing Brandy but everyone is not taking into account she was 16 and had lost her virginity to this dude. Who was much older. She was still a baby and Adina was out of Brandys league. She appealed more to Wanya then Brandy did. As she was more on his level. Physically, mentally and was way more mature. He could not date Brandy as freely as he could with Adina if they were public. I remember all the whispers and it was always hidden even tho we all knew.

    The man took advantage of this teenage girl crush. It’s not her fault she was acting out of emotions. We all would have being that she and in the same position.

  10. Yeah I kinda remember Adina speaking about this on her Unsung. Mind you, she didn’t go that deep in to the details lol. I get that Adina doesn’t take 💩. But there comes a time when you have to CYA=cover your azz. Adina lost out on promising career behind some dyck. Sylvia might have been wrong, but she cut the checks. Sorry NOT sorry, a check comes BEFORE a dude you just screwing and have no emotional ties to. You can find another boy toy. I promise Wanya azz wasn’t worth it.

  11. Finally got the full background on this cause she had an UnSung and in a roundabouts way she touched on being dropped from the label and that was it.

  12. I think she recently did an interview confirming this information..seems like I read this about 2 weeks ago but I can’t remember where

  13. I met Adina maybe 8 years ago. She exuded sexuality & confidence. Still attractive with a banging shape. She’s tiny like 5’2. I’m enjoying this rundown because I could see her having Wanya gone in the head behind her.

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