August 18, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 1/22/2021 Megan Thee Stallion Tory Lanez , Danileigh

  1. Man Whisper Report already said that Nicki and Kenneth having issues with all this drama his past is bringing back up & Nicki is wearing thin on it. Drake better hold on just a bit longer and then when shit blow up hit her with the “hey big head, you need a step dad to step in?” ROFL funny thing is I could see him doing and saying that too.

  2. The Keyshia Cole and Ashanti was a snooze fest. The real winner of the night was Keyshia Cole’s breasts which were on full display (right along with her attitude 😂).

    Otherwise I will say Ashanti took it home based upon her professional appearance, set up, and I think she has better crafted songs. Keyshia may be a stronger vocalist, but Ashanti has bigger pop records, and better musical production.

  3. I usually agree with everything you say however DaniLeigh’s song was disrespectful. It’s not about being hung up about complexions. She said herself “he prefers a yellowbone.” That’s a shot towards Mimi. That was hard to decipher. Mimi keeps her relevant so she needs to fallback.

    1. I agree with missjazzey1. Out of all things DaniLeigh could have sung about, she chose color. She should be canceled for the simple fact we’re in 2021 & there’s no place for that. And actually DaBaby should have spoken up, but as usual some men only care/interested in one shade of the various shades of women.

  4. She might as well call herself a light-skinned jezebel. It another tactic of division. As the saying goes, those that don’t know or follow history are doomed to repeat it. And we all been in this loop for time! Here we go again.

  5. DaniLeigh is not black tho… and clearly she said that as a slap in Mimi’s face… “a yellow bone is what he wants” aka he don’t want a brown skin girl like SHE anymore

  6. Oh please Dani’s song was wrong and disrespectful, yall trying to excuse it is sad and very disappointing. How tone deaf and insensitive
    Also it’s even worse cause she not even a yellow bone. She not black or even biracial. Go look at pics of her parents. She is a mestiza Dominican. She legit took an ancestry DNA test to excuse her saying the n word, only to have on 20% African DNA.
    She wrong for that song and yall wrong for defending her

  7. G come on now!! You know Dani Leigh was being funny with that colorist & trash song. In order to even be yellow bone you would have to be black which she is not. She is totally disrespectful to BW. She is also pushing a narrative.


    IDK @shantee had a bigger target in mind and she tried to backd out because they announced her opponent as K.Colee ? K.Colee had a personal target she asked for IN THE BRANDY MONICA CHAT and they told her her opponent was too big for her and gave her @shantee instead ? The reason they didnt link up in person is because they were forced to verzuz and not selected ( there is a bigger picture to them IDK maybe once I fully process it if yall care to hear it IDGAF ) ALLEDGEDLY !

    – LOL if yall even believe that Dani and DBag are anything more than 2 industry plants trying to cape for each other to keep their visibility up then WTF when scamdemic is over they are over too ALLEDGEDLY !

      1. Why didnt they book a one venue ( on inauguration day SMH ) so they could just link up , COVID is a nightmare for singers but still , and sponsored by Doritos ? Its like they just slapped it together two independent R&B divas SO THEY WONT OUTSHINE ANOTHER VZ DOWN THE LINE ? Chucks and pearls or Doritos and Cirok LMAO !

    1. Interesting that Phil Spector just passed last week , ICYDK look him up a scandalous innovator LOL .

      $wizz and Tim BUILD A++ STUDIOS the same studio they have in their own houses is the caliber of Hit Factory in Miami or Sony NYC etc .

      Every artist doesnt have A+ home studios like we would assume , so when Verzuz sends out the technical requirements the artist has to have a COMPETENT ENGINEER that can adjust what they have to what is specified . Who has had a competent engineers their entire career ? IRV WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST IN HIP HOP HISTORY AT MIXING RECORDS AND ENGINEERING ! He made J@y DMX JA JLO ETC SOUND BETTER THEN THEY EVER HAVE IN THEIR ENTIRE CAREERS !

      IDK but @$hantee is independent and if she was smart enough to keep the ex Murd@ engineers in her team all these years , which is why she consistently sounds like she always has and we havent heard about any technical snafus in the recent years have we ?

      Both , but even if @$hantee doesnt speak to Irving anymore , the Murd@ Inc engineers do and they were amazing when Murd@ was in their prime , so for all we know Irv etc could have stepped in and made sure @$hantee came correct if her own team couldnt handle the technical side . Who the hell works for K.Colee right now , her cam was blurry bcuz Vz had to downgrade her stream so she wouldnt sound weak and be another T.Riley WTF !

      ( Notice K.Colee was sooo late , and the 1st thing she said when she got on , TURN MY LEVELS UP ZOOM ME IN , her soundbwoy was supposed to have that locked in since 1st thing in the AM SMDH , @$hantee just rolled her eyes like I KNOW HOW IM SPOSED TO SOUND YOU THE ONE COMING IN HOT matter fact U GO 1ST LMAO ! )

    1. IDK seems to me she was asking for Kellie R NOT K.Michelee in the PATTI GLADYS IG and Kellie said luv u call me , but would K.Colee rather have waited for KellieR to have her baby yet rather then this rushed @$hantee debacle ? Ppl said her Kellie is too big she should Vz Keri or @meree SMDH ! She took a TKO loss to @$hantee Vz a possible 10 rd win vz Kellie R IMO .

      @$hantee sis lol sure when someone said Vz JHo BUT I WOULD RATHER HER VZ BRITKNEE ONCE AND FOR ALL automatic win visual and audio sorry G LMAO !

  9. I am BEYOND tired of the Meg/Tory/Kelsey saga deliver a verdict or drop the case and move on.

    IMO, the Dani song wasn’t trash for the lyrics. It was trash for the VOCALS! How could anyone focus on the words with that weird lazy , medium pitch, rotation of a tune she sang in? She sounded like the annoying ice cream truck.

    Ashanti battled herself and won. Keyshia was too trifling showing up hours late and drunk. They should have never done that thing.

    Everyone keeps saying Drake will drop on Valentine’s Day, but he was smart because he worded it where as he could drop it anytime during 2021. That way fans can’t annoy him if 2/14 isn’t the date. As for him claiming 1 girl this year, for me, seeing is believing with Drake. I hope he chooses this woman wisely.

    Poor Christina Ricci. I hope it works well in her favor, getting away from that man.

  10. Dani Leigh IS NOT BLACK! She is Dominican with European ancestry!!! Y’all do know there are white hispanics right.
    And her song was praising HER skin tone .. not uplifting others.. the hook basically saying he wants her because she yellow.. then the follow up before the apology was very defensive ..and the song is trash might I add!!!

  11. dani was being a colourist shady b, don’t defend colourism but cry about racism from whyte people.

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