August 18, 2022

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5 thoughts on “Inside Wayne’s World The Betrayal of Laticia Thomas

  1. Ohhhh Chile…I’ll never understand how guys hide other females in another wing of they house🤔 I’m to nosey cause I’d be all over the house

  2. All I ever wanted was Lil Wayne sugar and you keep pouring more! Thank uuuuu! Please keep it up, your Sugar babies love it!. I cant wait until you give us his dark industry sugar. Including his and Baby relationship, I feel he has been replaced but I’m not fully ready to receive it. I heard that he was replaced around the time he was in the hospital multiple times due to the lean usage causing his seizures. In his lyrics he talks about being “immortal” by selling his soul and making a “profit”. I am a fan of Wayne and something is not the same about him, I slowed down listening to his music , but tired of listening to demonic lyrics and sound.

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