May 16, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Did Kim Kardashian Get Desiree Perez Her Pardon When She Sat Down With Roc Nation?

  1. Mannnnnn and I got Tidal!!! Smhhh but I still seen her stuff on there. ? Hmmmmm this is getting interesting! Ima definitely need to keep my eye out

  2. I remember last year when he signed griselda (underground hip hop) thinking that was such a stupid move for them because jays basically the face of tidal /roc nation and hearing that his contract with them would be done with them by 2022 so he was busy signing all these new artists and them thinking it’s all love and he has their best interest at heart when that’s not really the case. If roc nation can stay afloat jay will part ways and leave all those artists in shitty deals and stuck. Earlier this week meek made a comment about just dropping music whenever he wanted to… guess there’s trouble in paradise🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. IDK but the 1st mistake is assuming KimK was the plug on a pardon from Donald SMH . DPerez got a pardon due a NYC connection with AOCortez , now AOC asking Donald to do a her a favor on his way out is big for optics , dont forget before they psyop stormed the Capital , ALLEDGEDLY Mitch was leaning toward snaking Nancy and throwing support behind AOC as the new speaker but the house was scared to defy Nancy if the plan failed .

    DPerez = #1 example of the 94 Crime Bill , now who was the puppet master pulling her strings now who else does she owe a favor back to , ALLEDGEDLY Camel going to testify against certain people in Senate Hearing and needs to make sure his main lieutenant has no felony restrictions to keep his business portfolio going forward SMDH !

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