September 29, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Mansion Party Gumbo Jumbo Get Your Tea Ready For This Sugar

  1. Briella is Rihanna right?
    Liam Dicenzio is Leonardo DiCaprio
    Is Kay-B, Jay Z?

    And my brain can’t connect the rest.. I shall wait patiently for someone to name the others ☺️.

    1. Rrading the comments you guys say Phenon os Pharell but he isn’t a rapper. He does rap on features but known as a rapper but producer. S who else could it be?

  2. briella = rihanna
    kay b = jay z
    phenon = pharel
    liam dicenzio = leo dicaprio
    ted shipp = tom cruise
    natalie grownman = nicole kidman
    kelsey helms = katie holmes
    wayne and janet snell = will and jada smith
    rosana davis = rosario dawson ?

    damn jay never bring beybey

  3. ooooh this was juicy..ok

    Derrick win- D. Wayde
    Private Eye- ??
    R.Bella- ??
    Mack- Shaq
    Ted Shipp- Tom Cruise
    Briella- Rihanna
    Natalie Grownman- Nicole Kidman
    Kelsy helms- Katie Holmes
    Wane Snell- Assuming its Will Smith
    Janet Snell- jada Smith
    Kay-b- Jay-z
    Rosanna Davis- Possibly Rosario Dawson
    Phenon- Pharell
    Lian Discenzo- Leo Dicaprio

    We need more of these stories…

  4. All I ever know is “Briella” = Rhianna lol. These mansion stories are good. Idk but this one just hit different(in a good way) lol.

  5. Omg I always love these stories so much. I’d sit here and read it like a book for 1+ hours. U did a really great job telling this story!!!!!! I figured out a few names but came to the comments for a couple of the people. I know someone who just got into the PR industry and wonder if they will be doing stuff like this since I know them to be quiet and shy.

  6. These are always fun. Proud of myself for knowing who some of these folks are with the code names lol

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