May 16, 2022

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25 thoughts on “The Truth About The Death Of Facebook Star & Her Children part 1

    1. Crazy that I just ordered and am thinking about selling products for this company… I don’t know much about it but have been researching

  1. Did her husband kill her and the kids because he had a mistress? Or was she having an affair and he found out? Maybe I watch too ID channel

    1. The first one. I followed this story. He had a mistress and wanted to be with her. Killed the wife and those 2 babies. Dropped them in an oil tank at the property where he worked.

  2. He killed his family because he was having an affair. There’s a documentary I think its on Netflix. Sad because she truly loved him.

  3. I’m excited about part 2 I’ve never heard of these ppl or this situation sounds like something from ID channel 👀

  4. As I’m watching a YT video about this. Just a bunch of craziness about this case. Interesting to see what sugar you have G.

  5. I’m here in Colorado and this was far from just a local story. This was nation wide immediately. It was also immediate that everyone knew the husband killed her. He was cheating.

  6. Watch the whole thing on Netflix. He was cheating on her. He killed the wife and kids and act as if he did not. I mean this was sad what he did to his children.

  7. I live in Colorado where this happened. I just moved here and it came on the news. Fist thing I saw was her husband and he was soooo clam and I’m like “ummm he’s a little calm” I knew something was off right away..

  8. Woahh yall never cease to amaze me. I have been following this and still am since it was announced that Chris was trying his options on maybe making an appeal? Im so ready for part 2!

  9. Well I can’t wait for part 2 because I have been following this case since I first heard about her and her children’s death. I always knew it was the husband! SMH

  10. I watched the Netflix doc so I’m excited to find out stuff from you that they didn’t mention. Chris is a piece of shit for doing what he did.

  11. This is old! There’s a documentary, as well as other videos about it … he had a mistress and was cheating .. he actually didnt want the new baby.. he was acting funny towards her, she went to NC for a while and he was with his mistress barely reaching out. Smh 🤨🙄 can we get some sugar we don’t know about

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