May 16, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes Skai Jackson and Solange Son Julez in Finger Poppin Video?

  1. It was very weird that so many ppl kept wanting to see the video. Five seconds or not it’s a form of kitty porn. And he better be very careful using beys name like tht. He kno jay & bey dnt play tht mess. He get into some messy shit with one of them lil ig models or something gon have them havin to pay them to keep quiet. 😂

    1. That’s his aunt. Beyoncé won’t do shit to em and if Jay Z know what’s good for him, he’s not gonna try solo again.

  2. Julez is into older (lighter skin) women. The chat that was posted on IG between him and his friends definitely show him in a different light as he referred to Skai as a “dark skin b#tch”, says a lot about him, smdh..

    1. Wow she must’ve really hurt his lil lightskinned feelings. Skai is gorgeous nonetheless he’s wrong for that.

  3. Wow he’s ruthless like the rest. I saw that darkskin comment and skai is brown skin, but it’s making think back to when Mr.Mathew said he thought Tina was a white women before he went in her house. Something aint right.

  4. Juelz has gotten older & I expect we are about see more about this kid doing stupid things. As he enters his 20s, Solange and none of the others(Beyonce) won’t be able to tell him nothing. They(Tina, Solange, & Beyonce)are private. Doesn’t mean any of the kids will be.

  5. One thing that is never spoken about, is how many teenage boys have lost their virginity to some old skank. Michael Jackson & Diana Ross etc. It’s sick

    1. IDK but that kid has enough $ to pay for any IG OFanz thot he could want AND THEY WILL GLADLY ACCEPT HIS $ young or old SMDH . Maybe they forced them to date like an arranged relationship and he is rebelling ( like the only reason he dated is bcuz she wants to be on the R0c now ? )

  6. He dates older women but airs young women out? Ughh.. he tf he gonna pull but dummies? Cause thats the first code, stfu. We know he cant! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. Disturbing people.wanted to see that video… Wrong on all levels. 😬🥴

    Hollywood is too disturbing for me. These teen and adult relationship is too much.

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