October 4, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Spilling Tea On Everyone Part 2

  1. It is really strange to me when someone is 50 years old in dates people 18 years old. That’s some low-key pedophile shit to me. I think Rihanna was ashamed of Travis because everybody kept saying how ugly he was and that’s why she didn’t wanna claim him. I feel bad for Johnny Depp because Amber was such a big liar and I knew she was that’s why I didn’t want him with her. Rest in peace Kim Porter she took some dark secrets with her.

    1. You pay them to keep secrets, not divulge. You will have to collectively reveal the truth yourselves. Do not be afraid. Leave these cattle herders in the demons beds that they came burning from. First Amendment.

    1. Yes hoodoo and vodooo are two different things voodoo strictly deals with Haitian spirits where as hoodoo you can light a candle for an angel saint Ect

  2. Idk how Travis saw all that sexual chemistry between them on stage at the VMAs & in the fashion killa video and possibly thought there wasn’t anything between them lol but then again it wasn’t any of his Business. Same way how I’m sure she told drake after she got back with him after Travis that there was nothing between them cause it was none of drake’s business. Don’t worry about what I’m doing.

    But Travis still got a top chick as his baby mama so why even still be worried about Rih? He was smitten lol & must still have some beef with ASAP for whatever reason, don’t think they ever really cared for one another.

  3. Awww Travis lil feelings hurt poor baby. I wonder if he’s more mad cause ppl be getting him & asap mixed up sometimes.

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