October 4, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/11/2021

  1. When it comes to miss innocent stalkerish cardi b everything is photoshopped 🤣 damn everybody by now sees how obsessedttt cardi is w Nicki. It’s a disease!

  2. What do people want melania to say?? Like seriously. She hates it here!! Was Jessica fucking Nick? Did she cut Jeffrey off?

    1. Melania… my thoughts exactly. He is here husband for Christ sake. I don’t think any wife should go or speak against her husband publicly EVER. And it does not mean she supports his fuckery. Did Hillary turn against Bill during his very public scandal? Did she continue their life as his wife 10+ years later? Melania is no different in that sense and my opinion.

    1. Good point! The statement did seem to come out a bit too quickly and something about it seems like it could not be him writing it..

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