October 4, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Spilling Tea on Everyone Part 1

      1. Bria is gorgeous. She reminds me of lori even though they don’t look alike but they have similar looks. If you get what I mean.

  1. Can we get a clarification on the following:
    -Which daughter of Eddie Murphy? He has like 7
    -EB broke up with who?
    -TF type life is Chrissy into 😳

  2. I think Chrissy was messing around with a lot of heavy hittin dope boys, maybe even some mobsters back in the day.

    1. She was. She got her teeth knocked out for playing around with one of them. These New York/Harlem cats don’t play.

  3. I see why Jim acts the way he do that is a marriage paying off all her debts. I wouldn’t worry about a damn ring.

    Ummmm Kim ugh idk I just stopped liking her.

    Ok tamia.

    How many older children?

    Shaniece probably talking about his daughter Bria or shayne they around the same age.

  4. Honestly got a soft spot for Mariah especially after hearing about what her siblings put her through. I hope she get counseling and start healing. Even the best of us needs support

  5. I always wondered about Kim and Kobe. I mean Vanessa could be Kim’s twin. I sometimes find myself confusing them. I could see Kobe wanting her(Kim). And Kobe was Kobe, he falls in line with what Kim wants, status, rich, and legend.

    Lisa Raye and Chris Rock. Didn’t see that coming. Lisa is so toxic, I am surprised Chris deals with her.

    Well is Mariah was a drunk while pregnant, it will eventually show up in those kids, if not already.

    What is Shanice talking about? At one point Bria Murphy had a buzz, but that has died down. You hardly hear about her. The Murphy last name hasn’t taken her too far.

    1. So I’ve also wondered about Mariah’s twins. Remember when she first showed them to the world? I think it was on 20/20 or something and the boy’s head seemed to be shaped weird or was big or something. I know something didn’t seem quite right.

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