October 4, 2022

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11 thoughts on “The truth About What Dr Dre’s Family is Saying about His Hospitilization

  1. He gotta be smarter than that. That lady wants all his money, she is scorned, bitter and all of thee above. I hope his family convince him to stay away from her and he need to really have the whole situation investigated.

  2. I thought he was smarter than that. He better listen to his family because the evidence is there but he almost wasn’t 🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. Welp, what goes around comes around, one way or another. You can’t go out into the world, treat people horribly, and not expect the universe not to make you pay. This is just Dre’s time. The universe is ready to collect 🤷.

  4. And I still have no sympathy for his woman beating ass amongst other things he’s done. Any woman who defends him needs help.

  5. For some reason this seems like bullshit. Like the divorce is heating up, and this was thrown in for sympathy.

  6. It also was announced PUBLICLY that he was in the hospital. That would definitely alert some ppl who is looking for a consul to break into his crib. That died t necessarily mean his wife had something to do with that. I’m sure the family wants his money to be left to him in case something happened to him.

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