October 4, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes ” Fans Dragging Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell Here is Why

  1. All the closeted racist have been showing their true colors over these last few days. Some of my FB friends have a lot of white people on their friend list and it’s truly been crazy reading their comments

  2. I stan BSB & have met them a few times. With that being said, I can’t believe it’s taken this long for ppl to notice Brian & his wife’s racist rhetoric bc it’s been on display for a few years now

    Isn’t Parler about to be shutdown bc they’re planning something else before the inauguration?

    When Nick dragged Brian in that documentary & said “don’t be a dick like everyone knows you are” I LIVED bc Brian is the perfect example of a fake nice guy & a terror behind the scenes all bc he still thinks he should still be the lead singer when his vocals say otherwise

    I mean @ this point I wouldn’t care if Brian is kicked out the group since his voice is gone anyways. JC Chasez I would be here for a replacement

    Nick Carter & AJ are the voices of the group now & kill it anyways & have kept their voices in tact after everything they been through

    His racist wife swears she’s the 6th member of BSB bc AJ didn’t want her like that & Brian took the bait after meeting on the video set

    Not sure how this plays out legally as they have a contract to finish whenever it’s safe their DNA tour to continue & fans are already talking about selling/refunding their tickets if Brian is still in the group. I wonder if/when the group will ultimately address it

  3. I never knew he was like this. He was one of my Favs in the group so I am quite surprised and disappointed to see that he has this mindset. I have not been following BSB like that since my teen years, so I wasn’t always up to date with what’s going on in their lives.

  4. Brian is about to go. He is messing up the guys cash flow. I don’t think they want that to happen lol.

  5. Didn’t know all of this, I was in love with them back in the day. I just had a session a few back dancing and singing all of my favorite songs from that era.

  6. Well he is from Kentucky which is a Red State.. so this isn’t a shock… actually nothing is shocking anymore to be honest.

    1. Exactly this! And I also remember him being in support of Blue Lives Matter awhile back. As big of a BSB fan as I was in my teen years I had to unfollow that ass on that one.. Howie was my fave anyway lol

  7. Loved BSB!! Always thought they were better than N’Sync, but I had no IDEA that Brian and his wife are in that alternate world rabbit hole…🤦🏾‍♀️ C’mon Brian! Damn!! That’s sucks…

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