September 30, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Hot Tracks 1/10/2021

  1. Hey G. Great tea as always. What is with Kyrie Irving lately? I know he has always been a little different but lately bro been raisin eyebrows fa real.

  2. Kim wild. I’m tired of all they asses.

    Keyshia and Ashanti ain’t want to do the versus to begin with.

    That’s what Sabrina part gets. Lamar ain’t stupid.

  3. Let’s leave versus in 2020. It was a nice escape during the pandemic but it’s lost its luster. They easily can do this versus from their own homes & don’t need the production of being on a private jet to some undisclosed location

    Jimmy literally started dating Selena shortly after his baby was born so whatever comes of this will be a mess

    I don’t think Van Jones has enough money for Kim K but serves as a great cover/decoy for her real side dude w/them working together on prison reform

    45 needs to go he’s a danger to the country & who knows what kind of things can transpired over these last couple of weeks

    1. All of Kim dudes had less money than her so I don’t think that’s a issue. She just likes attention from anyone and she trying to get in his head.

  4. Ellen should have never came back from the jump.

    If Kim and Kanye are divorcing, it’s none of either of their business who starts seeing who.

    Again, why would Ashanti be afraid of Keyshia, with all the bops she(Ashanti) wrote.

  5. I hope versus between Ashanti and Keyshia! Kim and Kanye lasted longer than I expected.Lamar needs Sabrina alone once and for all. What’s up with Kyrie? Why daBaby keeps getting in trouble, and how legit is his relationship with Danileigh? Is it an industry relationship?

  6. Who is Chubbs?
    We already knew who Sabrina was and what she’s about. Glad Lamar finally saw the light. Is DT cloned or mk’d?

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