September 30, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Hot Takes Future, Kanye West, Da Baby 1/8/2021

  1. I’m tired of Eliza & Future! I wonder Why he does her that way but then again he does the other bm that way too, so idk.

  2. Megan is annoying. Every time Tory pop up on SM here she comes right behind him. Yes Future isn’t shit but Eliza really just wanna be provided for, it’s definitely not about that baby. Black People still didn’t learn their lesson about Gucci. I definitely believe Victor and Karrauche isn’t together. I haven’t seen them acting all in love trying to annoying Chris😭😭

  3. I love Future😂😂 Eliza is a whole baby trapping queen. $2300 is enough to care for one child. Megan need to give it up and accept we know she lied. Tory is never gonna be canceled. Karreuche shouldn’t have never took Victor serious. Blake is not marrying Gwen. Always a hater fuckn with Da Baby

    1. I can’t believe I like future again. I like Eliza too but they should really come to some agreement. Future would be cooler if he boss up on they ass and really start being a father, but he love that lifestyle soooo…

      I forgot a bout Megan.

      Chris Brown needs help.

      Da baby can’t catch a break.

      Victor and karruche energy been off in pics.

    2. 2300 is enough to care for one child? do you come from poverty? $27,600 a year is enough? what the hell about future is there to love?

  4. Nicki called the victim? I don’t believe it 🤣🤣. She a lot of things but dumb or stupid is not one of them…… So is it phone records or phone recording of nicki? Because anything other than that I’m not believing nicki called here.

  5. Future is sperminator trash. Pay the woman and move on. And women STOP laying up with this man! If you are, you better make sure your birth control is super strength. Because as many kids as this man has, your money from him will be short.

    Poor Kae, I was rooting for her and Victor. Oh well, you win some and lose some. At least she had a good run with him and was able to break the toxic cycle with Chris. That’s a small win. Keep moving forward Kae, don’t look back.

    Nicki should have never married Kenneth Petty. She is getting herself involved in something, that her brand doesn’t need. Divorce him sis.

  6. If they did break up and keeping it on the low it’s probably cause she don’t want Chris ass to know and start bothering her again lol but if he out here trying to remove his restraining order he probably already know… I hope it ain’t true or they work out they issues but regardless I don’t see her going back to breezy anyway…not with 2 kids by 2 different women now. Plus wasn’t chris the reason she wasn’t able to get solid work in the beginning fresh off they break up? Cause them networks wasn’t about to run the risk of Chris ass poppin up makin a scene on set? Yeah I bet that’s why she would keep the breakup on the low.

  7. Karma beating Dre ass right now. I have noticed how sickly he looks and it makes me wonder if he has medical issues he’s trying to hide.

  8. I remember Raz B and b2k
    He said fizz was the first to take up the hole
    Maybe they don’t wanna remember idk but he and Marcus Houston need to be in jail along with JD

  9. Kae is still young enough to move on and get everything that she wants in a relationship. It was fun while it lasted, I wish both of you them best!

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