September 30, 2022

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13 thoughts on “The Real Reason Nicki Minaj Unfollowed Everyone Then Added Some Back

  1. Can’t stand Nosey Heaux. At all. She is not my type of people. And Tasha K put up a video yesterday that debunks that whole thing.

    As far as Nicki, it’s really a shame that she can’t just clean her social media of the fake and frauds and it be okay. She has that beautiful new baby. I’m sure her priority is being a mom.

  2. Let’s see how that works out. I really think her best move would be divorcing Kenneth. He is really tarnishing her brand more than anything else I’ve ever seen before with her (Miley Cyrus, Meek, her brother, Remy Ma….). It’s like she is trying to do this whole “against the odds” thing and it’s coming off desperate because she can do wayyyyyy better. I thought my sis was smart when she was doing all of those obvious PR dates. But it’s like u did all of that to end up with HIM? U won’t have no shame if U divorce him, I think a lot of people would stand with her and be happy she finally detached herself from that negativity.

  3. I honestly thought it was something of the sort. I hope it wrks out for her & she can stay drama free her nxt era.

  4. Just checked and noticed that she now follows KEVIN LILES! I was like 300 Ent Kevin Liles? Atlantic Kevin Liles? Lyor Cohen’s lacky Kevin Liles…mmmm. That also furthers my belief that A Cardi/Nicki is definitely on the way….hell she might even follow Cardi when she’s done cause she said she ain’t finished.

  5. It makes sense. But I think the biggest thing she could do is divorce that husband. I get it, she has a new baby and such. But Nicki should have never married that man. He is bringing more stress and drama to her already stressed situation.

    1. They are fans that’s all. Just cause they have a little following does not mean anything. I would fan girl too if one of my fav artists followed me or even knew who I was.

  6. Beyoncé & Jay deserve what will come their way. Trust Karma.
    Show me proof that it is the real victim, she done changed her story 5 times 🥴 at this point I can also claim to be the victim and change my story. She should go to the COPS instead of running to social media 😂

  7. Asian doll said she got a follow back.. when does the documentary come out.. I agree with everything Bria said above she has been going against the odds but no not a good look for her at all..

  8. There are alleged victims that cry “rape” and it was outta spite…..

    Noseyheaux although got a few reposts it hasn’t really done much, i heard rumors Kenneth is in the documentary so i hope she come with court docs to show the inconsistencies in this alleged victims story.

    Its been 2+ months Nosey been using that victim collecting donations on her behalf, can anyone tell me what or how is she really helping that woman?

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