September 30, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar on Everyone

  1. This is crazy. Joie so stuck on future and after reading the post on future and diddy good. She doesn’t need to be tied into that I would hate for those dudes drama to escalate.

    Go ahead miracle.

    This Kanye stuff is weird to me. It’s making my stomach turn.

    Emily and drake?! And fabulous didn’t find out. Damn. Drake gets around he loves other men women but hey they just another chick to him.

  2. Why would Jeffrey Star leave LA and move to Wyoming and the same town Kanye live in.. I think the rumors are accurate.. how you go from Kim Kardashian to Jreffrey Star 😂
    And the weekend was only decent looking before why he do that to his face he looks horrible.
    Miracle watts messing with Future? He just had some type of fake wedding ceremony with Dess unless it was for a video shoot
    Yep LaLa been sleeping with 50 cent does Cuban know?

  3. 50 & Lala that explains her role on power. Kanye & that alien 👽 not suprised. Some men just get super curious

  4. Michael Rainey is a cutie pie but that’s where the buck stops. At least for a 28 year old woman. Dude is 20! Like okay girl I see you

  5. For years Jon Benet’s parents have denied killing their daughter but now that G done spilled some sugar on the dad it makes me wonder. Somebody gone whoop Drake ass messing with their woman. I wonder if the old flame Wayne was creeping with was Superhead. I’m patiently waiting for Kanye to say something but so have a feeling more scandalous tea is about to be spilled.

  6. G, is Trump mk’d?
    U alluded to Lala sleeping with 50 b4 for roles so no surprise there.
    Jon Benet Ramsey dad sleeping with Ghislaine…what u say??
    The Kanye/Jeffree Star story is wild but after being on the blog I know anything is possible!

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