October 4, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Breaking News: Kimye could be over

  1. So what does Kenya have to do with this post? Her picture was the only reason I clicked on the post. Very miss leading

  2. Yep, we knew this was gonna happen. It is gonna get real interesting too. With Kanye being Kanye, I can see this being messy.

    1. Kanye knows what he is doing. This is the man that before six he walks in a room with a video camera asking a woman to stay her name and acknowledge the fact that she’s about to have sex with him just to keep himself safe. And then you talk about Kim Kim knows exactly what she’s doing she’s trying to force him to stay into a relationship he doesn’t want to be in anymore. Long story short we don’t know what’s really going on behind closed doors all we can do is speculate. Unfortunately the kids are in the middle and they have to go through whatever differences the parents may have.

  3. Kris Jong Un will forever be funny to me 😂… yeah Kanye maybe “crazy” but it’s some truth to what he’s saying …

    1. You know good and damn well Kanye and Jeffree star are not an item come on now are you kidding? Fake news to make him look bad and her good. Think about it what’s worse than a porn tape? A father in the closet with the flamboyant out of the closet gay trying to hide it.

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