September 30, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/5/2020

  1. Jason Lee ass know he still don’t like Nicki even though there is beef with Meg and obvious tension with Cardi. He was just trying to be messy by giving her props for once. The love be fake as hell.

    Drake fans petty as hell they feel like him getting Zoe back will be a jab at ASAP & Rih like Zoe didn’t post a throwback of her and ASAP saying she misses hugs and even tagged him back in November *he didn’t acknowledge the post* but I forgot some fans said it wasn’t a big deal cause she said she missed hugs from multiple people in the comments lol so why she ain’t tag them then?

    She also was drooling over rih in October after the savage x fenty show but any-who let them wear they petty boots haha

  2. Salma hayek hubby ugly af. I know he got money but sheesh. She don’t need to put up with that. She can get another man. They need to sign prenups so they get paid if the man cheat but i know them rich guys b slick 🤨

  3. I checked that alleged victim‘s story and it had so many holes and loose threads I gave up. Besides what will running to social media do when she could just go to the feds and get him thrown back into jail for even trying to directly and/or indirectly contact her. I hope Nicki starts sending out some cease and desist letters…

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