September 30, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Blind Sugar Reveal

  1. I think Gwen and Blake got together too quickly; they hadn’t been divorced very long before they started dating. Dre needs to write his ex wife a big check, I can only imagine what she’s been through with his evil ass.

  2. Gwen and Blake are still a couple?! Lol this relationship seemed like a rebound from jump I’m surprised they’re still faking it.

    1. Yes lord, poor Latoya that husband of hers is a whore & i hate The way he handles her on hustle gang! We wouldn’t know him if it wasn’t for her so he needs to pipe down!!!!!

      1. Oh nooo I remember she was crying to John gray because she wanted a man
        And poor keshia I thought she finally got a good man

  3. WAIIITTTT…. Not Brad has a bunch of children…. WOW… Not surprising though…that’s probably why him and Jasmine parted ways. I hate that for Keshia… She needs to be still and chill for a while. She seems to attract the same kind of man. She seems desperate to get hitched.

  4. Glen and Blake! Forgot about these 2 people. Yep that is what rebound relationships get you. But yay! I got the others right lol.

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