October 4, 2022

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17 thoughts on “The Truth About Sophia Laine and Vanessa Bryant

  1. Still don’t understand why Vanessa didn’t acknowledge Kobe’s parents at the funeral. Regardless of history, those were Kobe’s parents. Vanessa should reconcile with them now and involve them with Kobe’s little girls. Life is too short for nonsense.

  2. Sorry…but this story was written so MFing poorly. Nevertheless, I just can’t feel bad for Vanessa. She isn’t innocent in all the mess.

  3. G, this tea is smoking hot!
    I can’t wait for the next part! I knew the mama was a mess but never did I know she made Kobe marry V and I don’t think she’s entitled to anything

  4. Sooo Kobe dating a 16 or 17yr old isnt creepy? But if it was anyone else, that would be frowned upon. Yea that mama and Vanessa knew what they Both were doing. Vanessa wasn’t that innocent. If she was mature enough to date him, she was mature enough to know what her mama was teaching her.

  5. I don’t feel sorry for Vanessa. Her and that crazy mother of hers been scheming since they day she met Kobe. Now meet Karma!

  6. I don’t feel bad for none of them. Kobe should had been listening to his parents & not messing with that 16 yr old. If Vanessa’s mom didn’t secure her daughter future someone else was. How about the black girl he was dating?

  7. I am just glad it isn’t the Bryant’s out here clowning like this. A lot of people thought that Kobe’s family would be the ones acting out after his passing. Glad to see the Bryant family is making those people eat crow.

  8. Am I the only one who dated a 20 year old whenever I was 17-18? All the girls my age dated guys a year or two older than us. I wasn’t even attracted to the guys my age bc they were super immature. It sounds like her mom tried to manipulate her and clearly did for years. I can’t imagine losing my child and husband and then realizing after everything your own mother is only there for a selfish gain. Prayers to her and her family ♥️

  9. Umm didn’t YouTube/Blogger Lovelyti did an entire video about this several days ago. Sounds like regurgitated info without any new angles.

  10. Sounds like the Mama was the true pain in the ass and people just took it out on Vanessa cause she was the one who bagged the ball player, had the babies, and got the ring. Kobe shouldn’t have been messing with her when she was underage though and Vanessa shouldn’t have been chasing him either. The whole “I like older guys cause they’re more mature” is total BS when you realize that the 21 year olds you were chasing actually are still immature, they just don’t have the same legal restrictions you have as a minor. Regardless I do think Vanessa loved Kobe with all her heart, it was her mama that saw the dollar signs and was taking advantage of Kobe being a good son in law and making sure she was taken care of.

    These celebrity moms really be out here making their children look foolish.

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