October 4, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Spit or Swallow New Segment

  1. Liking this segment. 1,2,10 I can swallow. You’ve told us about RO, J & B before. If Nicki did do anything with SB, I would take that one to the grave. He does not seem like her type. I’m shocked about Ace Hood.

  2. Meh- that image is nasty- I coulda read this with out seeing spit coming from a broads mouth… I logged in while eating… this segment is reminiscent of your other segments.

  3. Loving this segment, I spat out 1 and I am finding it hard to swallow 5 due to me putting prince on a pedestal. And I really hop the ace hood shit ain’t true!!! Number 10 just made me vomit!! The rest I swallowed with one gulp😊.

  4. I like this segment. I (personally) would go with a different logo, but I’m not grossed out by it nor do I care as much how it looks. I’d swallow all of it. Shit, people act like Prince needs standards for a quick f*ck. Tahiry is bad.

  5. I DONT Think Jay smashed Kim K

    You’ve told us about Rita & the Carter’s and about the Diddy 3-way tape

    I could see prince doing that with Tahiry lol

    I don’t think meek or wale ever touched Rihanna, but I can’t say the same thing for Wale and her bestie Melissa…. I detect something there.

    If that did happen to Zashia I feel so bad for her 💔

    And the rest of the rumors I also heard or you told us about it.

  6. Omg raisin nut jermaine Doing Kriss kross and bow wow idk bow wow seems cool with JD but then again one of the members went on drugs so maybe
    Diddy getting up the doody hole I say swallow

  7. Number 9 hit home with me because I knew Chris Kelly (RIP) personally (I even spoke with his mother recently). I always thought there was a gross secret like this. Just something wasn’t right with either one of them after the fame. Man oh man, I sure hope this isn’t true but I wouldn’t put anything pass JD.

  8. Not to be a bummer but why tf would you include something you label as molestation as a spit of swallow incident ? Seems like implied pedophilia which shouldn’t be up for debate imo. It’s tacky asf to make it into a game fuck the legal ramifications why do you think that’s ok?

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