October 4, 2022

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22 thoughts on “How It really Goes Down In The Industry

  1. Nope nope and nope I rather work a 9-5 then be in hollyweird no thanks
    Not getting in my doodle hole
    What about athletes

  2. In Mystikal’s music video Shake ur ass- didn’t one of those video girls give him a piece of paper with a password, and at the party the women have those masks on. lol

  3. This tea is hot. So G I recently read about all the Issue that “yummy” singer had been having after refusing MK Ultra. And how his in-laws are his handlers and his issues come from his struggle with being abused by the industry for so many years. I really felt bad for him. Give us some tea in him. I wanna hear more of this story please.

  4. Does this apply to only the high paying celebs? Did Jay-z and Kanye had to do this?? Or is this for everyone entering the business?

  5. I wonder if this is why the homosexual agenda is pushed so hard on us? Is it the victims who are trying to get rid of the shame of having to go through it by normalizing it? That way when or if they are exposed, we just look the other way. Desensualizing society

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