September 30, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/22/2020

  1. I would LOVE a final reggae album Riri promised forever ago. I’m holding out hope that she maybe had a rollout planned then Covid happened

    I’m glad Anti is getting the recognition it deserves & it’s still breaking records after being out almost 5 years

    I do know Riri is expanding to athelisure & swimwear w/Savage Fenty & hopefully some of the pieces will be similar to her Puma clothing line

    I do think w/all the money Riri is making in beauty & in fashion she doesn’t have to or want to go back to the music business where you have to continue to do horrible things just to keep good in their graces.

    Interesting ASAP is from the same country right & was nowhere to be found on that plane. It could’ve been a FWB for her to get over Hassan & was convenient bc of COVID & Quarantine but it says a lot he’s not there around the holidays w/Riri’s family

    1. This blog has ran multiple stories about them dating and you still say it was friends with benefits lol you can miss her being with Hassan all you want but he’s gone and probably never coming back just like how his family wanted it considering they didn’t like rih for him.

  2. Can you do a segment on the Atlanta & Potomac housewives?
    Monique’s binder went viral & for the 1st time RHOP beat RHOA in ratings

    Also what is behind the current beef in Kenya vs Porsha? Kenya questioning Porsha protesting & getting arrested when that’s part of what civil disobedience is. & now since criticizing her protesting when there was no need to didn’t work she’s going the slut shame route w/this stupid stripper gate debacle. They did see on RHOBH how that ended in disaster when they ganged up on Denise for a rumored sexual tryst. Right?Kenya needs to focus on her marriage or whatever it is her & Marc are doing

    Nene simply bit the hand that fed her. One thing I’ll give Kandi credit for is that she’s never felt she was bigger than the show & remained on the show to still do any side projects whether it was businesses, acting or music. Nene for whatever reason thought like a hustler to keep hustling until you find something better but she’s had to crawl back to Bravo multiple times now bc whatever show or acting gigs didn’t work out or they didn’t keep her that long. RHOA was her bread & butter & she refused to come back & work w/the women & went full diva mode. Bravo now doesn’t mind getting rid of OGs now that are too expensive like LVP & Vicki G & Nene got way too comfortable

    You knew Andy was racist but now it’s a problem & you’re suing Bravo bc you weren’t offered a contract. You knocked out a producers teeth & had other incidents & Bravo still took you back. Her leaving in the middle of that zoom reunion was her nail in the coffin bc it was too many shenanigans & she was offended being offered a friend role when she could’ve used the opportunity to show she had something worthwhile to get her peach back. Now they can pay multiple younger & messy HW for cheap @ what would’ve costed to bring back Nene

    I do think RHOA needs to be revamped w/a new cast & new energy. These women stopped liking eachother a long time ago & all of their interactions are fake & forced.

    Hopefully with the significant decrease in ratings they can right the ship. A big disconnect was never wrapping up the Phaedra storyline even if it was a one episode sit down. Something to tie up the loose ends instead of all the blame being on Porsha. Phaedra was never held accountable & as a result everyone went harder @ Porsha bc she was the one who was filming & said it but behind the scenes Phaedra was who started it all

  3. Twitter is buzzing that ASAP flew in today. Some chick from the island was talking about seeing him at the airport there with her friends and fans was snooping and caught wind of it.

    1. If it’s true that he showed up in Barbados, it is only a matter of time before a picture, video, or something will confirm it lol.

      1. Exactly. pictures of her arriving back were released the day after she arrived so it’s only a matter of time if it’s true but fans are over here breathing sighs of Relief lol they jinx themselves everytime doing that. Were happy she wasn’t with him in New York just for it all to coming spilling out the very next day back to back that she was hahaha

  4. Rhianna knows she is lying about doing music lol. That ship has sailed for her.

    I don’t think Rocky not being in Barbados is a big deal. He probably wanted to spend Christmas here in the states with his family. After Christmas I expect it will business as usual with those 2.

    Scottie needs to grab what’s left of his dignity and go. Let that woman hoe in peace.

    Malik probably feels dumb 🤦.

    I knew there was a reason behind the Nene “Bravo boycott.” Makes sense too.

    Watch out Theresa.

  5. Rihanna in Barbados and ASAP is not means the same thing as Common is going to Florida to be with his mom and Tiffany is not. Lol!!! #Covidrelationships

  6. I knew NeNe was going to suffer from not having Bravo. Need should have know better then to fallout with the people who own the show. She was I coworker like everybody else. She thought she was the boss. I knew they were done with her two years ago. They been plan to get her off the show. NeNe was getting out of line to much.

  7. Idk I’m watching Dess and future. He might really like her. I’m starting to like future again he just be moving along.

    1. If G herbo snitch. We won’t hear the end of that one.

      And just because ASAP not with her now don’t mean that he won’t show up. He probably had to take care of some things before he goes. Like we are grown and getting mature. They don’t have to seen up each other’s asses all the time.

    2. I think he is trying to settle down after the last babymomma and she kinda reminds me of Ciara. Probably sees her as his second chance given Ciara is never coming back

  8. I feel like with Future and Dess Dior she is different she kinda resembles Ciara that’s my opinion, she laid back quite she came up & got fly on her own. Her claim to fame isn’t being someone’s baby momma or having a rich parents. She self made. Kinda like him

  9. Why would Teresa’s ex husband try and put a hit out on her? It would destroy their kids since theyre so close with their dad no?

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