October 4, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/16/2020

  1. I knew it was something lil Sasha just keep popping up lol how’s malia?

    Lil baby annoying and I hate the peace sign he do in his pictures.

    Them rap girls know how to tweet, comment, and go live to respond to everything else but they can’t come do a freestyle. They tried it they just like attention. Cupcakke did good sweetie.

    1. Off topic but man did y’all see Keyshia (Gucci wife) on them pics with that dam WHITE HORSE??????? Ummmmm ion kno but them dam white horses always scare me😟

  2. Dam I wonder why Maino keeps talking about KMICHELLE like that…poor thing smh he musta like her smelly puss since he keep talking about it😩

    Yea those fans real mad at that Cupcake chik..Suki posted something about her too from what she said about her. I gotta Go to that Cupcake chik page cause errrrbody talking about her body being done. But isn’t she the chik that was in the hotel room that time saying she not gonna rap no more or something like that??? Like she was MKed or something??? Ion really know her or her music like that.

    1. Yeah that’s her, she use to tweet about killing herself. I saw her at a concert 2 years ago and she was good this was before all that madness.

      So G you saying Sasha got some spice to her?

  3. I wonder how many people have paid you for this service and still have yet to be granted access. That’s not good business practice. Even if you haven’t seen my emails, I refuse to believe that you have not seen the payment nor the comments I post under your posts.

  4. G I can definitely see Sasha being the next Lori Harvey just with a little more ghetto. Lori is a little more reserved and honestly appear to be stuck up but Sasha seems more down to earth and not stuck up.

    1. Sasha is not ghetto at all tf. Lori ain’t even said nothing so I don’t see how you gonna label her stuck up. Sasha is more down to earth cause you seen her dancing in Tik Tok?
      Such a weird comment all around

  5. Vanessa’s mama is trash. And here people were worried about Kobe’s parents. Mr. & Mrs. Bryant have kept it quiet and classy since Kobe’s passing. That’s the way to make your haters eat crow.

    I knew it was gonna be some mess when that Sasha picture dropped. I actually heard somebody else say the same, Sasha would be the NEW Lori Harvey. Lawd, Sasha don’t do it girl! You are a President’s daughter. A Black President who was plagued by racism the entire time. The country is just waiting for you and your sister to turn into the Bush twins.

    That was very nice of Lil Baby.

    Poor Lamar.

    They would ignore the Black man raped by Harvey. In their mind, that poor man doesn’t matter. Just sad.

  6. That’s funny because I said she would be the new Lori Harvey ONLY being that all the rappers will want her and start name dropping her in songs. Nothing else.

  7. Lol at sausage brother. If I’m not mistaken Maino ain’t the only guy to say that about K Michelle. Sometimes in hip hop your skills get tested by other rappers. These kids nowadays don’t know real hip hop and are too sensitive.

  8. sasha better not devalue herself by fucking these nasty ass rappers. she should mess with architects, trust fund boys, etc

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