September 30, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Hoe Tails Oh They Smashed?

    1. Changing faces is a female R&B duo from the 90s. So they had one 3some with R Kelly and another one Devante. But it is Hollywood after all so I wouldn’t be surprised if the 4 of them had an orgy lol

      1. Rite because on that lifetime shit they had about RKelly with them Lil ass girls they was saying he was gay with one of his friends but they lil hot asses was doing a lot of lying so idk but like you said it’s HollyWeird so I’m sure he’s had a dick or 2🥴

  1. Lawd, I almost dropped my teacup at Devante and R Kelly til I kept reading!!

    Iggy and WHO?

    Busta Buss and Nicole? He is huge and like….definitely not white..furthest thing from it. And she seriously gives off “I’m not into black men” vibes.

    1. I’ve been seeing people say it’s an engineer from the Dreamville family..he was a pro football player..he fine as shit if it was him… *milklion85 is his @. But ion kno 🤷🏽‍♀️

    2. Thank you for asking this!! I’m catching up on posts and was definitely going to ask about this. I still might, shoot. LOL

  2. Are we talking captain America Chris Evans or the British TV guy Chris Evans cause there’s two. With some of these others it’s like does Hollywood have standards of smashing or do they just smash whoever they make eye contact with cause these be some odd pairings.

  3. Lil John and Christina made my jaw drop

    And these youngins who don’t know about some, if any, 90’s R&B groups make me sad! They don’t know what they are missing!

  4. Christina Milian does not have good taste in men.. until recently..
    Busta and Nicole is a weird duo..never expected that from her.

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