September 30, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/13/2020

  1. I enjoyed this hot takes!! This tea was great! What was said about Elon?
    I feel bad for YaYa I remember being that age and thinking I could change a man…

  2. But that’s his WIFE
    Shia lawd that’s nasty
    Prayers to Brandi
    Who is Elon?
    And what publicity stunt is chyna doing?
    Gherbo smh 🐀 is he gonna really marry Taina
    Lil predator I don’t think grump cares he knows he lost

  3. Lil baby bought his bm a house a car, pays all the bills to said house and buys Jason’s clothes shoes pays for school & tutors. She don’t come out of pocket for much n if she does he gives her spending money also pus for her sister rent. GA is a fair state, she took him to court already & the judge allowed a counter argument & he filed for full custody of Jason since she claimed to be poor. He probably will not have to pay more money due to the receipts he and jayda has kept on her.

    1. Right cuz moniece said they been like that since they were 17. All I know is on lhh la Brandi was crazy as shit like attached and he got mad she spent their son money on something I forgot what it was.

      1. Yeah, I remember when this happened but also can’t remember what it was Brandi spent money on. I want to say it was for a business instead of putting the money towards the kid’s college fund or something? But yeah even though she is/was crazy af on LHHLA no woman should go through that.

  4. Lil Wayne not going to jail. I was gone say how is his body gone react to not having the drugs. I’m more concerned about his health

  5. Elon Musk is the guy that founded the Telsa cars that everyone drives and Cofounded PayPal. He also own a space company called SpaceX.

    What did Azeila do to him?

    Akademics continues to keep these celebs pressed. I find it entertaining.☺️

    Gherbo puts on a front and display a lavish lifestyle he can’t afford. The dude is screwed either way.

    Black Chyna is gross.

    I’ve been saying his LaBeouf needs help. The guy seem to be dealing with some stuff. I hope she gets closure on this. This is a horrific situation.

    Brandi and Max looks like they have fights like this frequently.

    No words for Lil Wayne… he just weird to me.

    K.Michelle acts like she is inlove with the guy. I definitely think they hooked up.

  6. I knew this was going to happen to Lizzo once she went mainstream. Watch her music, when she drops, won’t be the same. The elites are no joke.

    And now Brandi is pregnant again with this fool’s child. Bless that poor baby.

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