September 30, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion

      1. Gotta disagree w/ you. She is done w/ Meg. I’m sure she never put all her trust in her like that anyway. Look how everyone has done her…its just the business. Unless for a money business move i can’t see her dealing w/ her other than that

  1. I don’t think Meg was ever that important to Nicki’s life to where an apology needs to happen lol this isn’t Drake or even Ariana Grande, it’s another rap chick that is trying to get the top spot because once again everybody wants to be the head bitch. All that female unity shit is just that…BS. Plus as long as Jay Z has this beef with Nicki for whatever reason and wants to harm her in anyway, Nicki should steer clear of anybody associated with him. I hope she ain’t letting this fake love Beyoncé sending her get to her, cause I still feel like Bey & Jay going through issues and that’s why she showing this love all of a sudden. Nicki should just keep it pushing and pay Meg and her Team of Goat Lucy Snakes total dust.

    1. Or maybe she showing love to nicki because she doesn’t agree with the way jay doing things. Like she trying to exclude herself on the low lol

  2. Hmmmm- few things:
    A. While I am not a barb- the hard core barbz never wanted Nicki to fuck with Meg because she was cool with Cardi beforehand and suddenly was on a track with Meg. I watched that all on IG.
    B. Nicki could not have possibly thought Meg, the industry climber, would haveOR COULD HAVE, “stopped” a damn thing on her own song, when it comes to Gizz, j, or RN. Period. They are bailing her ass out from 4801236587, or whatever the label is.
    C. We know who stopped that “going number 1”- y’all (icydk) already outlined that from the gate and as it developed.
    D. Anyone every wonder WHY, if CB is the hottest female rapper, Gizz never jumped on a track with her?? AND THATS WHAT THEY DO…. ALL THE TIME with most upcoming hot rappers. I would say it’s a low key snub especially since Meg is after CB. And it ain’t cause they from Texas either…. I mean you saw Gizz and mama Gizz in obligatory pics n shit, but why no music?
    E. Interested to see if the CB collab with Nicki is going to happen. Honestly, I can see that, even from Nicki ONLY because… well, I dunno… so nevermind and don’t @me LOL.
    F. Speaking of- is that foxy b and Kim vs real??? And if so- imma need a live discussion with icydk happening as we watch if that possible. I’d pay for a private forum to discuss while it’s happening, y’all think about that. What a strategy NOONE will have….

    Anyway I always reply tipsy! Y’all have a good holiday! All of you! Blessings!

  3. I had a feeling for a while something funny was going on. How the first big co sign you get which happens to be the best in your field (so it’s a big deal) you don’t say happy bday or congratulate on pregnancy. At first I was giving it the benefit of the doubt, maybe it was done in private etc, but respect wise she should have done it publicly. Not in a dick riding way or excessive homage type of way but just out of thanks and gratitude for getting the song and co-signing her. & I bet Nicki did thAt hair for free! That’s some bullshit to me 🤷🏽‍♀️ & they sabotaged that song, including Megan promoting drake and Chris brown more than HGS. Flaming last minute on Queen radio. I think Megan is a user but I know for sure that is all jay. I say don’t trust Beyoncé at all BUT I would not be surprised if jay is pulling all of those strings including beys verse. It’s not like they should be thinking bey sending congrats and stuff should let Nickis guard down knowing that they are managing Megan to carry this situation the way it is. I think the jay and bey dynamic is a little more deep than what we see and a chess move at the least. & people act like they don’t understand why Nicki don’t want to work with the rap girl right now. It’s still a very tricky dynamic because they are still telling the rap girls to steer clear of her. And that’s bullshit the only reason Nicki would not be hot is if they are making it so through manipulation. Her skill hasn’t lacked.

  4. If Nikki ever talks to her it would be bc of image and she using her back at this point. Megan a sell out, she had no loyalty… most people nowadays don’t have any loyalty.

    1. If Meg go against Nicki it’ll be social suicide. The GP already don’t fw her music like that, and they all shifting back to nicki. The horse better simmer down…like sis tory shot u not nicki

  5. Now y’all know they wasn’t never cool to begin with so I honestly don’t care if they ever will be. However nicki was a little guarded you can tell. Jay z is a damn mess. Now nicki and Rihanna should actually get back on speaking terms. Other than that let Megan see for herself.

  6. Meg has no solid audience. Roc nation don’t know how to promote artist. She will be irrelevant 2021. Her numbers are a$$ despite the features. That says a lot

  7. If a person could sacrifice they mother they CANNOT be trusted and has no loyalty to no-one! Meg riding high now but watch how she come towering down!!!!!! She a different type of Snake G

  8. I heard they askin’ for the Queen, they brought some cameras in here
    I’m a bad bitch, she’s a savage, no comparison here.

    These lines from Bey shade both Nicki and Rihanna. I bet Jays messy ass wrote this for Bey since he’s beefing with Nicki and Rihanna. I heard they askin for the Queen is checking Nicki for trying to say Beyonce called her Queen of Rap. Jay was pissed about Nicki trying to put Beyonce in her beef with Remy. Bey letting it be known she’s the queen “I heard they asking who the Queen. No comparison here as in Nicki can’t compare herself to Bey ever . She’s also both bigging up Megan (the Savage) and Shading Rihanna too saying I’m a bad bitch she a Savage no comparison here. It’s a double pun/play on words. Definitely Jay Z’s style of writing with the double meaning

  9. Rihanna and Nicki should get back on good terms. They both have Jay Z trying to mess with their careers. If they both dropped a record it would go number 1. Nicki needs to STOP fucking with these clowns. This is a way for her to leave the industry. At first I really thought Megan was genuine but this ain’t it. You cannot jump from people to people. Jay Z is going to be done with her and they are gonna throw her away wish her the best of luck. She needs to get some therapy losing her mom must really be hard for her.

  10. Can you give more insight on Megan’s relationship with Taraji? That came outta left field, like Taraji been quiet all this time. Then, she starts popping up like Megan’s bestie. Like wtf is going on?

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