October 6, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Word Has It 12/10/2020

  1. So on one hand they keep saying MBJ IS into BW but if you are to begin w/WHY do you need a PR relationship?

    It’s for the best bc the truth seems to be suspect on Megan’s part hence all these twerk videos from random Air BnBs

    Is the Lori Harvey thing still happening & for real or is MBJ still on the hunt for another BW?

    Hell Rihanna would’ve been a better option. I thought Hassan would’ve been the start of her getting away from these cheating rappers in the industry

  2. She is crazy! I would’ve been like Tory who? I don’t even mess with short men🤣. I know she hurt bc I’m hurt for her. MBJ is fineeeeeeee

  3. Oh well he got out because he really ain’t want her. A good conversation may have happened but how did he feel after the convo is the question?

  4. Im curious “Ppl started to feel Meg wasnt telling the truth”…did Jay advise MBJ to drop Megan?

    OAN Meg didn’t receive a “Ivy Park” box….Odd right 🙄

  5. I’m tired of both of them personally. Watch MB gets into a PR relationship with a black woman and his main consumers (black women) eat it up not realizing this man doesn’t like black women or it seems women period.

  6. Yea it’s like he’s a dweeb who doesn’t have game cause why did you need jay to set that up ? Most women say he’s fine. Was he scared to try to bag her the natural way? 😂

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