October 4, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/10/20

  1. Drake is a cold piece of work how you gonna tell that woman she can’t be with anyone else but yet you won’t claim her…drake may be a dope friend but he’s a shitty partner.

    Glad to know ASAP & Rih are still happy with one another cause lord knows fans have been spiraling since they debuted. I feel like ASAP has laid all his cards out to rih so all these chicks trying to clout chase don’t phase Rih, cause she knows wassup.

  2. Jerimah definitely don’t look like Jerimah, I was who the hell is this man😳. Drake is acting like a typical baby father who knows the baby mother needs him. I can see Joie more of diddy speed because let’s be honest joie seem more submissive than the other two, and I like her.

      1. Yes i saw That pic and I’m like man wtf is that🤔 i bet his bm from off black ink like unh unh

  3. That’s exactly what Sophie deserves!! Truth be told why should Drake take care of her if she wants to have a man. Let that man take care of you chic. He is taking great care of his son. I do not feel sorry for her at all. That’s what she wanted. A rich baby daddy, but that’s all she is to me. Even if he still smashing, he will not claim her. She’s a damn fool. Drake is living his best life in Turks, and I don’t blame him. Sophie thought Drake was going to wife her up because she got pregnant. She got a rude awakening.

    1. Well, said!! Folks thought she was winning. She thought she was so slick having that baby and she got stuck with a kid and a manipulative man. Dummy.

  4. Drake, Diddy, & Kayne nothing surprises me when it comes to these selfish bastards. It’s sad ppl still look for humanity in them

  5. This was good. When you indicate Lauren os out, do you mean Diddy dumped her or she left on her own? Is Jeremih MK? He def looks different and not due to COVID.

  6. I’m not understanding how or why ppl think Jeremih would be MK. He’s been around for years & mainly is known in Urban circles & was never mainstream like that. If you said Usher, that’s one thing

    He was on a ventilator near death for ICU for a month, of course he’s going to look different & not his “normal” self. Maybe I’ve been in healthcare too long, but if someone is in “grave condition” & “near death” & on a ventilator for an extended period of time they aren’t going to look the same as they did before especially if they come out of it. It will take some time

    Kanye & Kim are too busy trying to get 45 to return their calls on prison reform when it was all an act to get re-elected & now that he lost, has no reason to pander to black ppl anymore

    Ever since Riri/ASAP has gone public conveniently ASAP’s record label is announcing all these collaborations he’s doing with Riri’s fashion connections but ppl are swearing this is “true love.” It just seems like ASAP is clout chasing & capitalized on the fact that Riri still isn’t over her ex of 3 years, sees all the money she’s making & wanted a cut & told her a bunch of BS, COVID happened & here we are.

    Due to his past history of assault, there’s ppl who speculated the bike accident wasn’t really one. & he stands against everything Rih is about w/her activism, social justice & equality & eventually she will have to answer for it if it’s legit SMH

    We will see if she claims him in an actual interview or not like how quickly she dropped & never claimed Travis Scott even though she was more public w/him & just abandoned him when something better for her came along

    Rih is amazing in business & music but ppl supporting this union yet ASAP, like Drake also slept w/Sophie too I just find it completely disgusting & a downgrade for Rih. She might as well have gotten back w/Drake if the only difference is one actually got her preggo & has the more successful career. SMH

    Ppl really are desensitizing cheating & disrespect. It’s really unfortunate.

    J.Lo Beauty copying a beauty & skincare line from Riri down to the website, marketing, products & Promo when 15 years ago she should’ve had that on lock

    That situation w/Malik Beasley’s wife is sad. Her own husband hasn’t said anything about it & kicked her & their son out the house.

    Larsa though always has been a THOT but what annoys me is how much Larsa & the Kardashian’s made Jordyn public enemy number 1, but don’t have that same smoke for Larsa or any of Tristan’s other side pieces which is why many think it’s hypocritical & boils down to the fact Jordyn is black & wasn’t supposed to outshine them or do the same things they have done to their former black female friends Lauren London & Blac Chyna but here we are

    What’s w/all these grimey rapper dudes impregnating these black daughters of celebrities? Reginae will be next if she thinks dating a man who acts exactly like her father is going to turn out well

    Happy for Cassie & Christina Millian they both seem happy. Money isn’t everything if the man you’re w/is treating you like how Diddy operates

    I don’t care about MTS no matter how much RN tries to push her down our throats. The twerking video where she had her fingers sliding up & down her 🐱 was disgusting

  7. Reece, you stated nothing but FACTS about Rihanna and Rocky. I personally think this relationship is fake. And Rih is desperate for a child. He is a downgrade in every which way possible. I’m shocked she would settle with him and not Drake. I mean what is the difference between the two.. drake is extremely successful and the the biggest name in music. Only thing I can think of is the child he has. I do think she should move away from rappers but Rocky is a shitty person and doesn’t hide it. He is clout chasing and Rih shouldn’t waste her time upgrading that self hating ignorant fool.

    1. Rih didn’t go back to drake because something happened during their 2016 breakup that really ticked her off. G posted about it last year but never said what it was that caused rih to cringe at the sound of drake name in an interview and assure the world at the time they were not friends. People just so caught up in the look and good music that they don’t see even Rih & drake couldn’t get it right, but like drake said it looks so good on paper that people are willing to overlook all of that. Well rih isn’t and if her and ASAP are still happy regardless of all the chatter and wanting her back with exes then there must be something there between them that people are just gonna have to get over and accept.

  8. Diddy will pick joie cuz of him and future beef. Wouldn’t be surprised if he got her pregnant and ofc she’d let him.

    Drake ain’t shit, we been knew that. But then again I’m over baby mamas in general, like y’all wanted a rich nigga now he treats u like crap cuz instead of establishing shit for yourself u just wanted a free ride, nobody gets rich for free u gotta sacrifice for that shit.

    Larsa is just plain gross

    And If teyana was a TRUE artist she wouldn’t care about approval and recognition. Real artist make art because they love it, not for clout. So she just needs to stop with that, she’s being insulting to the real artist out there. Especially since she was born rich and handed everything. Boo hoo poor rich girl doesn’t get attention. Shut up.

  9. If you dance with the devil, then you haven’t got a clue, for you think you’ll change the devil, but the devil changes you. I don’t feel bad for Sophie it’s fun to be manipulative and spiteful until tables are truly turned, now she trapped trying to get out. Smh I heard he trying to keep Adonis (custody) and send her back to Paris. I heard she did some slick mess when he was in Vegas for his birthday. Smh they started messy and that’s exactly how it will end. Smh I heard she also was the one leaking info to Pusha, Kayne was just blamed for it?

  10. The nerve of Drake to basically tell Sophie she can’t live her life. Jeremih look real different but I wonder why they would put him under MK?

  11. I’m confused as to Jeremih. If you were near death why would you be out and about getting a haircut not wearing a mask. I would think you would be scared to be around anyone. That’s crazy but to each it’s own.

  12. I don’t think Jeremih was MKed. I think he really had the virus. If I was gonna be that person to sell my soul and live my eternal life in hell, I wouldn’t wait until I was old. I would do it while I was young 🤣. With that being said, I think he would have did that long ago so he could see some REAL success 🤣.

    I don’t feel bad for Sophie. And don’t feel bad for Drake either(when you rich protect your pockets). Sophie laid up there and had a child for man, who was a complete stranger. Wanting to chase the bag. Well this is the hard price she had to pay. Drake holds the power to the lifestyle she desires. He knows that Sophie can’t afford it & Sophie knows that. Drake doesn’t want that girl. This is how he punishes her for becoming a part of his life. He will just use her for sex if he wants and continue to date others. And if/when he settles, it won’t be with Sophie. And sadly, she will be there alone. She better humble that lifestyle and get a 9-5. That way she doesn’t depend on Drake. When chasing the bag goes wrong. And yeah Drake is trash for this, but this is what happens when you get pregnant for a stranger…you don’t know the type of person they are 🤷.

  13. No not joie I like her plus she has kids I rather her be with lil woof woof
    Jayda and Tania are both the stupidest women ever all these stds no thank you
    Megan the horse is getting on my Last Nerves all she does is twerk and yell. Larsa is a twatwaffle
    Uh teyana kanye is not in his right mind right now he’s probably in the dessert dancing around

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