October 4, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Running off At The Mouth

  1. Isn’t Bradley Cooper gay? What about Jeremy Renner. I read some very suspect things about him. He was living with a male makeup artist or something like that.

  2. See this part about Nicki really makes me scratch my head now that they are accusing her of sending goons after Kenny’s victim. She can’t be that dumb. She know she has too much to lose. If she didn’t risk this with her best friends why would she do what she’s being accused of.

    1. Why would any body believe nicki would do that. That woman just wont to get money from her. No big media outlets or radio stations talking about this because they know it’s bs. Why didn’t she call the cops on them. Why she did not filed a lawsuit against them. That woman is bitter because he living a good lifestyle new baby and a wife with money. So yeah, no one is buying that storyline.

      1. Well a lot of stuff don’t make the blogs when they are paid or In an agreement not to. Not saying that happened but it’s pr 🤷🏽‍♀️ So I’m not using that as evidence it’s a lie. If I was Nicki I would pay the lady to recant her story too, given he’s paid his time and they are all trying to move on with life and him getting off the books will help them keep addresses and other restrictions off of them. But I’d be surprised if she really did talk to her herself and if she has goons going after that lady on her request. That’s just all dumb. She’s too rich and powerful for this not to have been handled behind the scenes. Atleast giving your friend money for their dreams you can claim that’s all your intent was if some funny shit goes down.

  3. Lol at conjure up a bag. Dont lil baby got money 🤔🤔 these men out here stupid af and when will these chicks learn to keep stuff quiet. Dummies

  4. Hold up that Bobby Brown tea funny as hell. Wtf lmaoooooo. I mean Whitney was beautiful and had such a lovely soothing voice.

  5. That Ryan tea was PIPING HOT!!! I wanna know who the actress was now! Dang…who has left Hollywood and moved to Philly?

    And I thought everybody knew Sherman Helmsley was gay? I mean….that seemed as obvious as hell to me.

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