September 30, 2022

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40 thoughts on “New Segment White People Problems

    1. He is the only one I know that spills white tea this is why I need some white tea spillers so I am only giving underground shit

  1. love love love!
    God help Posty Ill be soooooooo sad to hear about a possible suicide : </333. May the Lord cover him<3

  2. Love it! People always claiming you don’t expose the white folk like you expose your own, well there you have it folks it’s now it’s own segment! Make sure you tune in cause if not you was just complaining about nothing hahaha

  3. I was trying to figure out who Howard Baskin was… That Bitch Carol Baskin’s husband!!! AHAHAHAH Well I’m not surprised, this is the start of her karma.

  4. This is really good G!! I knew Snoop and Martha never stopped smashing. You can see she be geeking over him on the low😂

  5. I’m here for this segment. White tea can get hella messy as proven by some of your past posts on here LOL

  6. I thought this was already a segment; “ in wipipo news “ or sumum like that I believe it was called lol. Either way, I likes the tea with milk in it 😆

  7. I hope kevin spacey gets his
    He’s doing too much he isn’t God.
    I hope Kelly wins
    And Selena sucks
    Yes get Amber I’m tired of her she thought she was gonna hey good how she did Johnny tuh

  8. Most these names I would have had to
    Google – ehhhh to much work – fuck them ppl. Oh and I didn’t google any of them.

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