September 30, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/5/2020

  1. Sick of Lucifer jr
    Oh no poor yaya welp
    Dr Dre I thought he only had one?
    Brian is washed up actor that needs a life
    Dannileigh is dumber than Khloe

  2. Yaya gotta learn one way or the other. I think she’ll grow for the better. She needed to wake up. Just like reginae, y’all dads name is big but these dudes gone look at y’all as another female to play with.

    1. Britt have to stop falling into future bs. I knew she would be the one to expose him more. She been quiet. Their son was crying i rewatched the video. I feel bad for all the children. I bet mfs believe Eliza now😏

    1. Right. I remember Ari said moneybagg ain’t want to eat her spaghetti cuz he think she did voodoo to it. And another time she said herb went to a witchcraft doctor for his herpes. But whole time her sister be on spiritual stuff but idk if its the dark side. But I noticed her behavior she acting real clingy.

  3. The whole Gherbo being setup by his babymama kinda makes sense. Her and taina made up at one point, then two months ago that video dropped when Gherbo got arrested for assaulting her. Which was super random, then recently ari was dissing taina. Then this happened, so it makes sense why there was so much beef brewing between the two of them.

  4. I think dani and dababy r cute lol but she’s definitely acting like she in high school, the way she post him. I think he’s gonna cheat tho. And his bm is being bitter and jealous. Prolly cuz he never showed her off like this

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