October 4, 2022

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21 thoughts on “My Publicist Told Me

  1. Cory look like the type of dude that likes younger woman… not surprised. But it’s also sick and sad because your dating her mother. Nasty shit.

  2. Lil Kim is broke… it’s really sad. I hate to see her like that and her ego won’t let her admit it so she gonna do everything she can to stay in the game. I heard her and her man Mr. Papers are starting an only fans. 🤷🏽‍♀️ This is why you gotta live within your means. She spends a lot of money.

  3. I don’t think he likes Kylie in that way.. I think he just likes to party and have a good time and so does Kylie, where as Kris is ready to go to bed at Nine o clock.. Cory is still young and likes to drink and have a good time

  4. I thought originally Corey wanted one of the Jenner kids before Kris?

    Lil Kim has always been bad w/money & lived above her means so I’m not surprised

    I don’t get the hypocrisy w/Michelle Obama. She hates Rihanna but Giselle can also see Obama & it’s crickets. Can ppl ever be consistent & keep the same energy?

    Also,I also never understand the women who get mad @ the mistress/side chick but never their husbands. & then get quiet when more mistresses come after the fact after the one they’re so pressed about & vilify

    I like that Barack makes it a point to always shout out Rihanna whether it’s her music or philanthropy

    Roc Nation can pay off as many ppl to say only good news about MTS & blackball ppl who speak out against her, but it doesn’t stop the truth coming out one way or the other. & I see those week 2 charts she already dropped nearly out of the top 10 w/artists w/old releases outselling her. We will see if Roc Nation goes all out like this in 2021

    Didn’t Jimmy Butler just have a baby a few months ago? Messy

    Larsa is an embarrassment. & this is what Scottie deserves for cheating on his beautiful black 1st wife & has no relationship w/his older black children but has a soon to be ex-wife thotting it up w/NBA players & rappers now that Scottie’s money wasn’t what it used to be

  5. I think Lil kim pregnant again, in a post Mr papers made, he asked how to get put the dog house, someone said give her a son, he said she is pregnant now, smh…. save that money Kimberly Jones

  6. Yeah, it is clear as day wide hip Corey is crushing on Kylie. But to me he gets a little to fresh with all Kris’s daughters. But Kylie would be the obvious because 1) She is “the hot” one and 2) Kris works closely with Kylie, so Corey sees her more. This is what happens when you date a man younger than your oldest daughter. P. S. Still can’t believe that man is 40. He gives us 1980 babies a bad name 😩.

    I hate to hear that for Kim. What happened to the money? Hold up I forgot, Diddy 😒.

  7. I like this segment.. Keep it coming but more on the old stuff. These new artists are not really that interesting…

  8. London Ball huh? Larsa need to leave that young man alone. I wonder if that was why LaVar said what he said about the whole women are hoes thing when you get to the NBA. I may have to request more tea on the Ball Family. I also remember a couple years ago something on the page about LaVar cheating on Tina. Yea thi sounds interesting.

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