October 4, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Exclusive Diddy and Future It’s Getting Messy

  1. I noticed her congratulating him on the new liquor the other day.. but everyone was.. I guess we will see

  2. No surprise. I’m sure Lauren London lowkey butt hurt 😂😂. Plus she didn’t like Draya around Diddy anyways

  3. Joie is my girl I really like her. She just playing the same game as lorie. That’s right get that bag but don’t fall in love.

  4. One thing that people like about Joie is that she is lowkey and not like the other Rapper BM’s she just be doing her thing out the spotlight…but future really brings out the worst in women 🤦🏽‍♀️ Everybody always get mesmerized by the lavish lifestyle that Cassie had under diddy but better ask her what it was like behind closed doors all those years. Joie will end up bumping into future at a mansion party wearing a dog leash & muzzle messing with Dove Diddy.

  5. Yesssss whew!! This tea was Goodt… so was Joie hurt about the pic Des posted with Future.. Joie should have known what type of dude Future is.. I don’t feel bad for her.. I think Lori is just 23 having fun living life.. let these niggas take care of you just don’t get pregnant and she hasn’t as of yet. I think the same of Des, Futures new chick she 22 having fun and has no kids.
    Are Lauren London and Diddy still fooling around

  6. Joie and Britt always upset when Future pops up with a new girl. They throw shade all the time. I have noticed Joie popping up on ig more lol I’m glad she didn’t have a breakdown in the public eye like last time when she found out she was single on her live after future tweeted it. I also noticed lira and future bm Eliza on the same yatcht a couple days ago.

    1. She ain’t really have a breakdown just shocked lol her face said it all. She doesn’t look anything like Cassie but her and drea can pass. I think Megan marble can be her sister as well.

    1. She sure is and after Diddy I’m not sure who can top that🤣🤣🤣 Diddy is not attractive to me but his money is 🥴

  7. Out of all of these rappers BMs. This woman seem to have a good head on her shoulder and very lowkey. Let’s hope it stays that way.

    Stop chasing people that show you who they are the first time.

    Diddy and Future are trash. Both are the same no different. 🤮

  8. Diddy is too old for this. And Joie is clearly a bird. She maybe “lowkey” but she is “low-key foolish” dealing with these kinds of dudes. Future of ALL ppl is NOT someone you “fall in love” with. And Diddy is definitely NOT the go to guy to “heal your broken heart”. Both those ninjas aren’t worth 💩. Do better chic!

    1. Bow wow use to talk major trash about her her bird behavior. He was tweeting crazy.

      So I went to her pg and boom she’s in lingerie with make up. Like the gals

  9. This is why I love this site. Once this story reaches the masses it’ll be old news to us sugar babies. Exclusive tea!!!

  10. Joie is lowkey but easy to track her moves.

    Joie really could’ve been wifed up even after the kid w/Bow Wow yet she’s committed to these trickling industry dudes that want to sleep w/eachother’s women for bragging rights

    Do any of these rap dudes like eachother bc it doesn’t seem like they do

    They are too old to be moving like this

  11. Wait what breakdown are y’all talking about? What did I miss? What did she find out during her live that made her face do that 👀

    1. It was a live and ppl were asking her was she in a relationship and she was hesitant and said I’m single, but 5 minutes before she said that future tweeted something about not being in a relationship and you can tell she was hurt. Lol

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