September 30, 2022

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18 thoughts on “The Truth About The Nicki Minaj Hate Train & Why it is finally coming to An End part 2

  1. The queen of rap can finally tend to her family…. she has done so much!!! I never turned my back on her and she will forever remain one of my favorite artists…. I like Mulatto and Doja Cat.. Doja is the most versatile and uses choreography… afraid cannot rai and it’s not cuz i love Nicki cuz I still love and support Lil Kim the best I can.. her Mosul just sounds different…. cuz I don’t like Remy. And so far she hasn’t lied about shit she said about the industry and it’s puppets 🦄💞🦄

  2. Thank you, G! All this love Nicki is getting I’m giving it the side eye. I never understood the hate she got and I’m not even a big Nicki fan. Yes she has made some mistake, but it was never anything major from what I have seen or heard. What they did to her was not warranted and disgraceful all around on how this woman has been treated over the last 5 years. Nicki should keep her guard up, keep it moving and start venturing into other avenues to make money, because this industry and the fandom are fickle people and can switch up in no time.

  3. Congrats to Nicki. Atlantic ain’t putting an album out for any of their artists until those “alleged” investigations involving payola are over.

  4. Yeah I think Nicki knows this is fake love. Nicki knows what time it is with the Elites. She got the entire playbook down. And when she was spitting facts, those who didn’t believe, had to double back and say she was right. I am not a Nicki fan, but I can respect the way she moved with this. After all of this best believe, Nicki is NOT trusting any of these people.

  5. I thought Meg is supposed to become the Rap Rihanna basically? Why do the elites wanna come after her? Especially of she has been obedient to them?

  6. Did y’all see Meg reposted a Billboard yet saying “Good News is the most downloaded album” ….Well how it’s not#1?

    Meg is gonna self destruct cause she’s not transparent not a good liar. I believe the public didn’t buy the whole “protect black women” thing she try to run with 1. Cause she didn’t sell it well at her SNL performance, it came off super inauthentic
    2. It was off putting when she mentions her name & Breonna Taylor name on the same sentence,

    I believe many saw Meg antics……

  7. The industry/the elites have realized after the Barbs went hard to stream and purchase Say So that Nicki Minaj is not going anywhere because she has her fans. Nicki is cemented in history. There’s nothing they can do. People were just celebrating the 10th anniversary of Pink Friday last week.

    Interestingly Mariah Carey is signed to RN now and she doesn’t like Nicki. I don’t think Nicki and Jay are cool. But I think she will always have respect for him. The same way she respects Wayne

  8. Funny how the Carter’s never want to be associated with anything negative but everyone who comes near them ends up “damaged” in one way or another… and Kanye & Nicki are only two of the most popular examples.

    I already knew that the love was fake. It was really obvious, however I really love the fact that a lot of people had to double back and admit that Nicki Minaj was right in a lot of things.

    The issue with these new girls are they don’t have the versatility. The only one who can slightly touch Nicki would be Doja. Cardi can’t rap on beat and her verses are really bad. Cussing out her fans will backfire at one point and she could lose her fan base. Love “giving her praise” that woman can’t even say her (Nicki’s) name when giving praise. 😂
    Meg only has one flow so that will also get played out soon.
    So far I think Mulatto and Doja are the only two who are actually good enough.

  9. I just want my good sis to get her flowers NOW! Nicki deserves all the praise for putting up with this BS. This industry is disgusting for making people eat shit to get somewhere. She shouldn’t do that song with Cardi, it’s not gonna do anything for her but everything for Cardi. Ol gurl not worth it, don’t deserve it. Nicki stop saving these hoes, let them eat shit for goin against the Queen 👸🏾!

  10. katy perry issue is not because of nicki minaj, go back in history. nicki and cardi will do a song, Nicki minaj next era is going to be her best and she will leave her label.

  11. Nicki will not do a song with cardi. Heel nah. She’s too stubborn and prideful for that. And thats a good thing. Unless cardi publicly apologizes for the NYFW incident, Nicki will look like a chump if she do a song with her.
    Its so funny to me how the industry really tried to get Nicki out and she said fuck yall, and her fans really rode for her! Ik them white men mad asf LMAO.
    And even funnier she got a #1 with 69, the most hated rapper rn lmao.
    Cardi is gonna fade away, ppl are tired of her antics and she’s a shit person all around despite being a horrible rapper.
    Holy shit Nicki really sat them all tf down and showed them she’s cannot be destroyed!!! Ooooo now thats how u clear a bitch!!!

    1. And its really pathetic that cardi needs all this help to get noticed. Like what kinda weak ass has to wait until someone else fails for them to succeed? I hate cardi. She leeches off black women success then launches herself from their downfall

      1. Lol agreed. But I think Cardi knows she’s not talented and without the backing of the elites she can’t compete with Nicki or anyone else for that matter. Megan is just annoying. She should find some new content to rap about and also switch up that ABC/123 flow. Someone tell her it’s 1989 anymore lol.

  12. G, you’re just as delusional as the barbs if you think her last album would go number one. Same blog that said her label was pushing Queen back bc they didn’t think it would sell. No

    1. It was being pushed back because of the planned sabotage of numbers not because it wouldn’t sell. & people really been misusing the word delusional 🥴 do you know how easy it is to get a number 1 album! All you gotta do is drop on the right week and her fans are going to go crazy for that album. They have been going crazy buying her shit all year lol not no fake streams but actually buying her music. She will do fine

  13. Nicki knows it’s fake love I’m happy she’s keeping her baby private I hope it stays that way. None of these new rap chicks will have the same lineage as Nicki. I’m not even a major fan of hers but she’s put in work!! I hope she leaves the industry peacefully if that’s even possible.

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