September 30, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Decipher: Kelsey Nicole’s Bussin Back

  1. Imma just say I believe MTS drunkenly shot/injured HERSELF & to save face is blaming it on every one else cause she was mad/felt betrayed. Just a Hot Mess!

    1. I said that from jump. Because if Kylie is scared of her she had to be acting a fool. Her neighbors called the police on them.

  2. Could we talk about Meg album flopping & only doing 10K in pure Sales? How to does that happen!? She has 18 mill followers lmaoo

  3. I believe what Kelsie saying is true and Meg should not have been fu#king on him if her best friend was…. I don’t see their friendship coming back from this but who knows…. still can’t say who shot Meg.. do y’all think Meg shot herself? That’s why I don’t drink Tequila 😑

  4. This mess is about tiring with ALL three of them. See this serves Kelsey right, she was gonna sit there and LIE for Meg. But look, she gets kicked in the tail. Lying about something so serious and that happens to tons of women per second everyday is NOT cool. I still say that the three of them were wrestling over that gun drunk(so stupid) and that is how this mess got started. From what Kelsey has said, sounds like Meg shot herself. And all of this bullying Megan is allegedly doing, is Roc Nation NOT getting a handle on this? In this day and age of technology & since Meg and her people put everything on the internet, it’s just a matter of time this stuff leaks. Again, Megan is digging herself a deep hole.

  5. Is there any truth to Meg being transgender cause she sure did look like a big linebacker in the video with Trey. 😂

    1. Meg is lyinnnnn. At first I thought it had to be her and someone else struggling for the gun but after hearing both Tory and Kelsey say they didn’t do it but they all know who did, I think Meg shot herself. She’s probably embarrassed af but since she has Roc Nation behind her, she’s acting like a confident victim. Idk but either way, I was never a fan so 🤷

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