October 4, 2022

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19 thoughts on “The Reason Why The Fans Are Turning On Megan Thee Stallion

  1. I’m sorry but her Story had holes you can’t get shot on your foot and be walking around and twerking it takes time to heal but hey what do I know

  2. I just never saw it for Megan. I found her mother’s death suspicious & I thought the label debacle was really for me when I saw Megan for who she was as a person

    I think the biggest issue w/Megan is she’s a liar & a hypocrite. Everyone digs receipts of everything she says, posts on SM & says in interviews that all contradict eachother & the fans lost trust w/her

    Also there’s so much Illuminati & satanic symbolism as well as roc nation’s obvious attempt @ throwing several moves Rihanna didn’t do until she was a few albums into her career & already considered an international pop icon when Megan is too green.

    @ that point many are over Roc Nation putting all this time & resources into someone who just released her 1st album a few days ago & really hasn’t proven whether or not she can be more than a 1 hit wonder in this industry

    Real talk, outside of the TikTok that helped her songs, would she even be here?
    She’s also very one-note. Raps about the same thing & twerks all day. There’s nothing of substance. Then trying to promote black women & uplifting black women but her lyrics are degrading & insulting & fall into the stereotype of black women being hypersexualized & not taken seriously. Also she clearly lipsynched her performance & wasn’t prepared for the performance @ all. The album was rushed & it sucked

    @ least w/Nicki, Cardi & Doja have enough music that every song wasn’t about sex but talked about other things you could support

    She just is a lazy artist to me that’s riding off of hype & the Tory incident but even w/that some ppl are turned off

    Roc Nation pushing Meg so hard into mainstream media when there’s so much mistrust within the black community is a HUGE mistake. Yt folks may do TikTok dances to her music but it stops there.

    All this drama actually has me preferring Lizzo more than Megan. @ least w/Lizzo there’s an effort on her part when it comes to her career, she’s humble, she’s utilizing her talents for good the most part. I hear Lizzo’s music featured in so many TV shows & commercials now she may not even have to work again. The issue w/her really is the hypersexualization & some of her attire going too far & it has nothing to do w/her size either

  3. Also what happened to those scholarships for college students for $10K for the winner(s) That was supposed to be announced last week?

    Again everything w/Megan just seems fake & forced

    Also more ppl are believing Tory & some think what really happened was there was an argument, there was a struggle w/the gun & it accidentally went off but Megan wasn’t actually shot which is why they only found fragments & no gun residue from Tory. I just hope the truth comes out bc all this seems like it’s simply going to drag out until this case is over which may be the official end date of Megan’s Career

  4. Also nicki tweeted said y’all catching on!

    Cardi is the better artist. Megan riding off of the people she be around and who she think have her back.

    1. Even moneybagg was like uh uh this relationship is fu. You can tell he wasn’t feeling her like that. He got her the dog though.

  5. She needs to choose a side and stick to it, she’s too disloyal and she talks more than anything then gets caught in her lies.

  6. I agree with most of what said. You can’t keep talking women’s empowerment and all your music is about how good your p is. Her subject matter needs to expand, the record label incident, as well as Tory incident hurted her. She may need to rebrand to some extent.

  7. Her attitude has changed and she’s feeling herself you can tell. That roc nation love is going to her head, she’s literally acting like her mentors, As if her shit don’t stink. She definitely is going Hollywood.

  8. I love meg. I think she is a dope rappers she actually writes her own rhymes and freestyles. I like her freestyles abs mixed tapes better than her album.
    I don’t hate all of these events that had nothing to do with music.
    I can’t believe she said she didn’t read her contract. She brags about being independent but has several deals signed. I hope she figures it out for her 15 secs of fame will be over.

  9. Meg needs to regroup and get focus again. I don’t follow her too much, but this is the most I’ve seen so many stories about her since this Tory incident and her song with Cardi.

    All the hate she is getting I don’t think is warranted at all. Just from what I’ve seen so far on what’s she’s done. I honestly think the woman is confused and need a better team around her.

    There are other celebs that do fuck shit all the time and still doing okay.

    Also, these fandoms are toxic as hell.

  10. The end started for Meg with that 1501 debacle. And the nail in the coffin was the Tory incident. Both events showing Meg up to be a liar or with multiple holes in her stories. I wanna see how Roc Nation is gonna finesse this mainstream deal. Megan doesn’t have the crossover appeal of the other girl rappers before her. Nicki, Kim, & Cardi all found a niche where others besides Black culture could love them, even with dirty lyrics. Lil Kim had fashion, Nicki could make cross over pop hits(Super Bass), and Cardi has that dumb down personality people like. What other thing does Megan bring that globally, people love about her?

  11. LMAO the reason ppl are turning on MTS is because SHE IS GHOSTWRITTEN FOR and her social media doesnt match her rhymes ,
    ( Dont Stop = Blak Youngster ) and her friend was supposed to die that night and TL intervened when he wasnt supposed to , now she is reaping the rewards of a false scarifice , MTS performed everywhere but NOBODY actually wants to TALK TO MTS . Now ppl are questioning her entire persona and the fact that she may be a chaos agent bcuz every dude she gets with get shot at or locked up SMDH !

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