September 30, 2022

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11 thoughts on “The Truth About Miss Cleo and The Psychic Network

  1. Even though she was was forced to duped people into believing she was a psychic, she still gave me bad vibes. It was always uncomfortable to watch her on TV and I always walked away from the living room when the channel was turned to watch her. 😬

  2. As one of the people who got taken advantage of by this chick and the network, I will say I hope she atoned before her transition but she probably didn’t.

  3. Great read! Very Interesting especially hearing about her back in the day and not knowing the backstory. Thanks for the content, as always. 🙂 makes me wonder what your input is on numerolgy. Thanks G, love ya!

  4. This was really good, exciting and interesting to read. I will forever remember Miss Cleo with her call me now! Straight up classic.

  5. I use to think to myself why tf do we need to call her. I was 4yrs. Old. I like this read. I do remember her coming back on tv like in 2015 I thought that was random how she popped back up. That lady was on bull shit😂

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