October 4, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/21/2020

  1. Mahershala is fine! First saw him in The 4400. Wonder why he didn’t wanna do that scene.

    Tisha? The Beyonce of her time? Ugh! I have wondered for years what it was that they saw in her. Maybe the whole light-bright skinned chick (no colorist here. It’s just the way it’s always been. Take it from a brown girl…) Tisha was never that cute to me, and I always thought that Tichina was prettier. That girl coulda came up on a Lenny? And chose Dwayne — same dude said that her head was big and that he wasn’t immediately attracted to her because of it. Welp.

    They DOGGED Pooch and wrongfully. I was pissed! They let Koby Bell do other projects, while he was on The Game, but when Pooch went to Ray Donovan, it was an issue? The fuck?! They did him dirty. It was wrong. And now to hear they banned him from the awards! Assholes. Hollywood ain’t shit.

    Poor Karyn! She kept her morals intact, I guess. Good for her!

  2. Megan is really annoying & her relationships only last 5-10 business days. Tisha Campbell being the Beyoncé of her time🤔I beg to differ, she was never cute and her muscular body is not sexy& she wasn’t all over my tv screen.

  3. I’m glad Karyn kept her morals and dignity and left hollywood.
    Never understood what people saw in Tisha Campbell. She was never that cute and had big head/mouth. Maybe it’s because she was light skin. Back in the days that was what was considered beauty: Light skinned girls. Lenny and her wouldn’t even look cute together.
    Not cool how BET did Pooch. I don’t think it was that serious unless it’s something that we don’t know about

  4. I never understood hype about Tisha Campbell neither. Her and Martin had amazing chemistry, but the Beyoncé of the 90s. Because none of the three had totally confirmed the truth. I believe Kelsey was probably messing Tory first.

  5. I think Meghan is going through it mentally. She seem to be masking her pain with drinking and just being a busy body that she doesn’t give time to herself and think clearly about decisions she makes. Her energy is clearly not aligned. Meghan is NO angel, I just think she is going through it that’s why she keeps putting herself in these predicaments. I hope she can have a proper support system that can hold her accountable for actions and be there for her.
    I see the shift in Meghan and I hope she gets the help she needs and get focus again. Maybe she is still dealing with her parents and grandmother passing. Her success came and her mom did not get to see it. Overall, I’m not going to bash this woman. Too much negativity as it is out here.

    What issues does Masherhala have with Taraji? I hope there is more tea in these two. Interesting…

  6. Whooo, I’d love to know the background on that Mahershala and Tarajhi non kiss. I find him SOOO beautiful!!!! I think the Lenny Kravitz and Tisha Campbell tea is interesting. While she may not be classically “beautiful”, I think Tisha has a really relatable and down to earth beauty to her..that friend that you would fall for without realizing. Meg…she is just a hot mess to me.

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