October 4, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/20/2020

  1. No lie ever since the label thing i just haven’t really felt meg like i did before, and something just seems fake about her can’t put my finger on it.

  2. I liked megs album a lot, she used to have way more love than she does now. I think people hate on her cause she made it. I peeped the disses to Kylie too lol

  3. Leave Megan alone. She hasn’t done anything wrong. If it was Beyonce singing about it then everyone would be like ooooh she bodied that person on a track whilst making coins off of it. Megan now seems to be a different story, damn right she came for them on her album if she was the victim why shouldn’t she, not for free tho make all those doubters pay to hear you go off. I haven’t got a problem with Meg at all

  4. Jeanette’s mother passed and plus I think it’s all other things that happened with Dan at Nickelodeon I hope she gets better
    Those Kardashian’s are hypocrites they can forgive Tristan’s tall Gumpy Reptar looking self but can’t with jordyn smh
    And poor Bobby he has a curse in that family that needs to be broken

    1. I think I know why they didn’t forgive jordyn it’s because so many people majority black had her back in that situation. So Jordyn used it to her advantage and bossed up and started getting checks, and deals, and hanging with more black people. Etc. That shocked tf outta them they didn’t expect that. They thought she would try to come back sucking up to them crying and depressed asking for a second chance over and over again like Tristan. They thought she would stay this shy, lowly, young girl, they thought they knew. But she flipped that shit and turned it into an opportunity to branch out and make a name for herself. kinda like kris did with her daughters. They don’t like Granted she isn’t anywhere on their level in terms of fame and money yet. But y’all damn sure know her name now instead of saying kylies best friend. They hate that the reverse uno card got played on them. 😌

    2. Jordyn should have been the one spying on Tristan to report to the Kardashians and not be the one cheating or sneaking around with him. They took her as their own, that was worse than betrayal. When a man messes up, you cry to your best friend, when your best friend betrays you, it hurts more because now you have to start looking for someone to cry to. I keep wondering if it were not the Kardashians, would people have still supported Jordyn’s act? I hope those who supported her make sure to forgive the Jordyn’s in their lives.

      1. Jordyn had bad judgement when she went to that party by herself without any of the kardashians. Mix that with liquor and tristans already unfaithful ass that’s how that situation took place. I don’t believe that was the first time he wanted to initiate contact with jordyn either. It just took that one time with them being alone without the k’s for him to make his move. He just thought it would never get out idk why because they’re high profile reality stars. There had to be so many ppl at that party waiting to try to catch him doing something so they could whip out their phones and send it to a blog. He was sloppy and got caught, if that person never took the pic I bet we would’ve never heard about this ever. I hope you hold the kardashians to the same standard as you do jordyn. They have done the same if not worse to friends of theirs. Dating their friends ex’s with no apologies or remorse.

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