September 30, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/13/2020

  1. I knew Pam Long had that look on her face like that do from the movie Get Out. My spirit said there was a reason she back pedaled. I wonder what doea he have on her that he can take her child?

  2. How is Jason gonna start beating Lisa because he lost his job? You the man of the house provide for ya family insecure ass!

    I was just watching that video where Pam was retracting her statement and was wondering why her face looked so blank…he’s disgusting.

    Amber Heard a snake bitch

  3. That’s so sad about Pam. He would have been better off NOT trying to blackmail her into making the video. With all of the drama of 2020, many of us forgot about it.

  4. I am still completely lost on why they are torturing Britney like this. What did she do to deserve such treatment? Especially from her own family? Where the hell is her mother?? What happened to Lynn Spears. They were so close as mother and daughter.

    Amber Heard is a typical flake..

    1. Rite because it’s nothing for him to get rid of somebody! I knew Something wasn’t right cause she looked very spaced out to me in that video smh he ain’t shit to try & take her child!!!

  5. Ok…. I did a little more research into this with Pam. There’s a fly in the buttermilk cause let’s just take a look at this here…Ex husband married Cyntoia Brown who was in the headlines, right? She got there by dealing with some heavy hitters, right? And wasn’t Cyntoia in jail for killing someone who she said pimped her out? So Pam says or alludes to ex assaulting her and now all of a sudden she retracts a statement from a year ago 🤔 I’on know this is very sketchy and why now…. But I do agree Pam looked real different in that video.

    Also… I just read a comment that said Cyntoia was lying but I haven’t looked into that. If she was that’s messed up. If she wasn’t that’s messed up for someone to say. 2020 is trippin me out!

  6. I don’t believe Pam was telling the truth about him. Anyone else who was telling the truth would’ve been like “yeah okay, see you in court, good luck trying to steal our child” but instead she threw that video up. Someone who spoke as strong as she did wouldn’t be able to be paid off either. I believe she ducking a defamation suit and getting her child taken away.

  7. TEAAAAA….Jayde did you peep karrueche small boob job?
    She posted a picture for her new jewelry line.. denim bra with red glasses and you can see her surgery scar, it’s edited out or covered with make up on the other pics, but I guess all them wardrobe changes faded out the makeup . I think she got the boob job after CB break up

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