September 30, 2022

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32 thoughts on “The Truth Behind NBA Youngboy Wanting Out of The Industry

  1. Wow. I know in a previous post I just said he needs to sit the hell down but it sounds like he can’t. Damn. Then I saw a video of him on Twittee earlier and no lie he looks like the Devil has taken over him. One of his fans said she was legit concerned so people can definitely see it.

    1. Do you know your true self before talking down on someone a man that you don’t know at all ?? Yall need to seek help for even coming for this man disgusting weird asfk that tells me yall have nothing better else to do .. yes he fighting demons and all that but if yall don’t like the man why yakk watch his every move ..

  2. I seen the medium on IG did a reading on him and said a older lady grandma figure has been watching over him trying to protect him but she is tired bc there is so much going on around him.. yea he knows he doesn’t have much time left..

      1. I had a dream about von the morning he died.. He was smiling and talking but i couldn’t understand what he was saying but he did say he was happy it’s over.. and i said what’s over and he walked off and i woke up but soon as i woke i went to twitter and it said he had die… i was tripping I never listen to his music..didn’t know nothing about him so i been looking at youtube video to see what he means… i would love to know the medium name….. i have questions

    1. don’t speak that on no one weird ass his grandmother is helping him you so- chile go worry about you instead of a man that yall don’t even know .

  3. This is so sad! I will never understand the industry…how it all got started & why it had to be the devils work! This just be to much sometimes. Scary! Then ppl don’t want to believe you when you try telling them about it! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. There’s this page on IG called kinoputiya that has been predicting Youngboy’s demise for a few months now and she hasn’t let up about it. She used to be sadden behind seeing his supposed demise but once his fans started to attack her and get into it with her she turned kinda cold about it and now she’s somewhat insensitive toward it. Very bipolar one minute she’s sadden and the next minute she’s poking the bear about it. So the fact that he has been feeling like he doesn’t have much time left and she’s been saying that he knows he has demons on em…gets me spooked lowkey 😭 poor thing

  5. So sad. This industry is destroying black men especially young black men… and the sad thing is all these young ppl eve. Some older ones wants to be in it sooooo bad. Atleast he’s trying for his kids. God bless him. 🙏🏾

  6. His aggression also seems like it comes from some type of trama, maybe sexual assault in the industry. That could be why he jumps from women to women the way he does, not saying he didnt before but more disrespectfully now. When he abused Jania could have been during the time it started. I wonder what ritual did they make him do that had him torn, because his eyes says it was something horrible.

  7. Yeah I seen that video and he was so gone. Didn’t blink, eyes all glossy like he was on other drugs twitching. & he JUST turned 21

  8. NBA came into the industry with issues. He is a street dude. Raised by the streets. Put that with a wicked industry and it was a train wreck from jump. A evil industry can’t comfort a lost soul. He is bringing all his street survival tactics with him because sadly he doesn’t know better and has no one to show him better(his own mama is lost). He is still dealing and getting into beef with street dudes. So I don’t see this ending well for this kid. This is definitely looking like a “live by the sword, die by the sword” moment. From the looks of it the Young Von kid was in the same boat.

  9. Don’t nobody need to pray for him cuz he’s a willing participant. He does magic”drawing symbols in the sand”. He’s working in collaboration with dark entities willingly, that’s why his stare is soulless.

    1. Well he is from Louisiana we don’t know what he was practicing before he got in the industry or what his grandmother showed him. But did y’all see djAkademicks telling king von he should get baptized in the interview?

    2. he draws that in the sand to for someone to send help .. he fights demons yall try and talk down on anyone yall dont know but don’t even know yall real selfs shit sad

    1. I give him a year tops if he keeps it up. I don’t have a good feeling about this and with Von getting killed he’s defiantly on borrowed time NBA better give his life over to God. DMX said it best hell is
      Hot the devil waits for know one.

  10. It’s such so unfortunate cause…… anyone in my circle can tell you… EVERYTIME I look at NBA he gives me a, “panic” feel. Like…. I say to say it but he gives my spirit a feeling something bad is going to happen to him. Idk when I’m no psychic but, he ALWAYS gives me that eerie feeling. N so when you say he feels he doesn’t have much longer here, IT REALLY SHOOK ME. Lord have mercy on his soul……

  11. I don’t like watching this stuff or listening to that music. I’d rather read the lyrics to see what is being said that way I could analyze it better….. but my husband LOVES these artists. He listened to a lot of the rappers that are either dead within the last 2 years or on borrowed time like NBA. So I’m always hearing it and I tell u some nights I have to stay up a while because those lyrics don’t sit right with me. After FBG Duck died (a Chicago drill rapper)….. we kept listening to some of his most famous music and the one that he last released a video for… which happened to be a very DISRESPECTFUL track dissing King Von and Durk’s homies. These people all know they’re on borrowed time. I feel like I need to cleanse my home, that music is nothing but negative energy. Thankfully I do not absorb it as much as I think my husband does, I want him to get out of it!

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