October 4, 2022

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26 thoughts on “What Very Known Music Mogul’s Son is Out here Drugging Women?

  1. He learned from his father G look up male celebrities that been around JP Jr they get down like him to the new things is when they bust in women raw and they get pregnant they give them a cocktail to abort the baby it’s so much that goes down I don’t even want to mention JP Jr is dark and demonic I see why the other brother wants no parts of him or the father JP Sr got kids out here

  2. I just wanted to clarify that the son in the photo is J Prince Jr., while Jas is the one who usually wears prescription glasses and is close to Drake. Thanks, G, for giving us this update. I had no idea one of his sons was this sick, but it doesn’t surprise me.

  3. I have 5 grown girls and if anybody did that to one of them I wouldn’t care who son he is we will definitely have a problem. He’s going to get what’s coming to him

  4. It doesn’t help that drake’s bodyguard chubbs and his friend TV Gucci was out in Houston the last few nights celebrating Jas Prince’s Birthday with him. All up in the videos dancing and singing. I believe they’re still out there but drake is in Toronto. Doesn’t take much for people to try to tie everything back to drake based off association especially with how much he bigs up Jas Prince and kinda acts like he owes him for eternity.

    This is why I always try to tell these young girls that wanna scratch and claw to get near these grown ass Men please don’t do it! These men are not mature and fully developed like they claim & like you think… they are just more slicker than you because they have more years on you. Don’t be fooled but poor babies still be so manipulated.

  5. He and his father have a dark manipulative energy. They seem like the type to take what they want without a regard for anyone else. Sadly I’m not surprised I hope the women around them get justice and peace.

  6. That’s what they’re doing now. Your father is a pioneer in the rap game and you embarrass him like this? Sad Cold World

  7. WOW!! The crazy thing is, its more men out there thats okay with this. Or okay with their friends doing this. Definitely not their first time and it won’t be their last. Damn I’m literally here crying for this girl. I’ve had to fight my way out of situations like this, but i know not everyone is as lucky. This shit is sick. And even if they turn them in, it’s police and judges that don’t do shit about it.

  8. Idgaf if I’m off my ass and I have a friend with me don’t leave me yeah we grown but honestly fucked up all our judgment is bad I’m just glad by the grace of the heavenly father nothing happened to her but honestly us women need to be careful cant drink around everybody and we live in a world who’s to say it wasn’t a set up it’s too much to plunder I’ll just pray for her

  9. J prince give me creep vibes so I’m not surprised. These guys try to be like their dads too much and when they get rejected they turn into some creeps.

  10. Ok, I am asking because I see a few differences in the names here in the comments. Who is the alleged rapist/perv? Is it Jas(Drake’ s buddy) or the brother J. Prince Jr.?

    Very disturbing. Good thing her friend was there to have her back.You guys(G) be careful with this info. We already know how the J. Prince crew gets down.

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