October 4, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Word Has It 11/3/2020

  1. I’ll be so glad when 1 of these 2 things happens
    1) we find out exact WTF happened that night between the 3 or 4 (body guard included) of them … 🙃
    2) We stop speculating and talking about it bc damn it happened how LONG AGO – like who gives AF anymore she back working / twerking booking &looking real healthy. Glowing doing Revlon ads fashion nova colabs … ETC! Who’s next on the docket bc this case should be closed for being OLD & COLD. 🙃

  2. That’s. Wtf I’m talking about capitalize off of this Kelsey megan can but Kelsey can’t THATS messed go and do you Kelsey

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