October 4, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 11/4/2020 updated

    1. That’s the only person who makes sense. Bea Arthur only had two husbands and she always hated Betty. The rest of the people that people are guessing had more than two husbands.

  1. Y’all it can’t be Betty White and Bea Arthur because Betty is still alive lol I say Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, their beef started on the set of a movie and I think both of them had multiple husbands. Plus Joan Crawford I think got discovered through porn before coming to Hollywood so she might sleep with someone husband lol

    1. Plus one of them said a cold ass quote after the other died I can’t remember which one said it but even after death it was still beef lol

  2. I cannot believe yaw are saying Diddy
    She posted a story a about J Prince
    Betty White IS ALIVE, gah damn

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